Auckland Transport

Planning standard


  1. Background and purpose

It is critical that each Division effectively manages the risks posed by our activities. To ensure this, health and safety planning should be part of the annual business planning process.

This document sets out the standard for the Board and the various Divisions to assist with health and safety planning. This will ensure that the management teams develop, resource, implement, and measure health and safety programmes to meet Auckland Transport’s (AT) Health and Safety Policies and Standards as well as the business needs and statutory requirements.

  1. Scope

This standard applies to all AT employees, members of the public, visitors, and suppliers who may be affected by AT’s activities or who undertake activities on behalf of AT.  This procedure has been completed to align with Auckland Transport’s health and safety framework.

This standard is to be read in conjunction with the relevant AT’s Health and Safety procedures.

  1. Responsibilities

Chief Executive

  • Is accountable for the organisation’s compliance with AT Health and Safety Policies and Standards including allocation of resources and accountabilities across the organisation in order to meet this Standard.

Divisional Managers

  • Are accountable for ensuring appropriately documented processes are developed to meet the requirements of this Standard.
  • Identify and appoint a Health and Safety Champion to support the development and review of annual Health and Safety Plans, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), and for measuring and reporting performance annually to the Chief Executive and Board.

Health and Safety Manager

  • The Health and Safety Manager is responsible for providing tools and supporting Divisional Managers with development of H&S Divisional Plans.
  • Divisional H&S Plans assess budget and resource requirements adequately.
  • H&S plans have KPIs that support the overall company Health and Safety plan and goals.
  • Report on the performance of Divisional H&S plans to the Board regularly.

Line Managers

  • Line Managers will provide input to the planning, review and reporting processes, and will communicate H&S plan details to stakeholders as required.
  1. Standard

General requirements

  • Each Division will develop a plan to manage the health and safety risks faced by the organisation arising from that Division’s activities. The plan will be based on the Health and Safety Policy Statement objectives, the AT Health and Safety Strategy, H&S Standards, health and safety monitoring results, the Division’s business strategy, the Divisional health and safety risk assessments and any relevant statutory requirements.
  • It will include activities to address the above and KPIs to measure implementation and performance against the Plan.
  • Each element will include the associated activity, with a designated owner identified to manage each activity, the priority, KPIs and target delivery dates.
  • A budget will be determined to meet the requirements within each plan and ensure objectives are met.
  • Resources required to ensure successful delivery of the plan will be identified each year and allocated accordingly.
  • Management will formally review Health and Safety performance against key performance indicators. Key stakeholders involved in performance delivery of the Plan should be consulted in the planning process. This process should be integrated with other aspects of business planning.