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Beach Road cycleway

Beach Road Cycleway is Auckland’s first two-way separated cycleway along Beach Road and Mahuhu Crescent.

This cycleway is physically separated from traffic, providing a safe and convenient route for people on bikes to access the city centre. The cycleway connects the Grafton Gully, Upper Queen Street and north-western cycleways with Auckland’s waterfront.

The Beach Road two-way cycleway is a flagship cycling project that forms an important link in the Auckland Cycle Network and provides 1.5km of new cycleway.

Key facts

  • The cycleway is 3m wide and the overall length is 1.5km.
  • The cycleway is physically separated from traffic by the use of raised kerbs.
  • The cycleway crosses from the south to north side of Beach Road at Te Taou Crescent with new traffic lights especially for cyclists that enable them to cross diagonally.
  • The project also includes improved crossing facilities for pedestrians.

What is a two-way separated cycleway?

Commuter and sport cyclist on the Beach Road cyclewayInstead of having a cycle lane on both sides of the road, a two-way cycleway is on one side of the road and cyclists can travel in both directions within it. This means that any motorists or pedestrians crossing the cycleway will need to look both ways for cyclists.

Safety tips

Leisure cyclist on Beach Road cycleway

As this is Auckland’s first separated cycleway, please take care while everyone adjusts to this new and improved infrastructure.


  • Please take care when travelling in the area.
  • You cannot drive, park or stop in the cycleway.
  • When entering or exiting a driveway, look both ways and give way to cyclists travelling in both directions.
  • The only way to enter or exit Te Taou Crescent from Beach Road is at the traffic lights. The northern entry point to Te Taou Crescent is now closed and will only be open during certain event days at Vector Arena.


  • Keep to the left and be aware of other road users while they adjust to the new infrastructure.
  • Overtake slower moving cyclists on the right and only when the way is clear.
  • There are new traffic lights for cyclists at the intersection of Beach Road and Te Taou Crescent. Cross diagonally when the green cycle symbol is lit to continue on the cycleway.
  • The intersection of Beach Road and Mahuhu Crescent is a shared space with pedestrians. Please ride slowly and with care.
  • On days when Mahuhu Crescent is closed to cars for events at Vector Arena, the cycleway will remain open for cyclists to use.
  • Please ride with care if you notice pedestrians who might be crossing the cycleway.


  • When crossing the cycleway, remember to look both ways for cyclists travelling in both directions.

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