Auckland Transport

SuperGold cardholders who live out of Auckland

If you are from outside of Auckland you can follow the same process as Aucklanders, in order to receive a SuperGold public transport concession.

To take advantage of the SuperGold public transport concession in Auckland, you need a gold AT HOP card loaded with a SuperGold concession. Gold AT HOP cards can only be purchased in person by the SuperGold cardholder applying for the concession.

Gold AT HOP cards cost $10 and must be loaded with $5 HOP Money at the time of purchase; the purchase price of the card is non-refundable.

You need to follow the same process as Auckland residents

Find out what you need to know about the SuperGold public transport concession.

Step 1 - Buying a gold AT HOP card - find out what to bring with you to buy a gold AT HOP card next time you come to Auckland.

Step 2 - Registering your gold AT HOP card.

Note, if you have a personal email address, AT strongly recommends that you set up a MyAT account before visiting Auckland and that you visit an AT Customer Service Centre to complete all three steps upon your arrival to Auckland. Find out more about registering your gold AT HOP card or call us at (09) 366 4467 to create a MyAT account.

Step 3 - Applying for a SuperGold concession.

If you already have a blue AT HOP card, find more information regarding the process to get a gold AT HOP card and load a SuperGold concession.

We would like you to know that our AT HOP terms of use have changed as of 27 November 2017. Find out about the changes and read the AT HOP card terms of use.