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Some bus, train and ferry fares are increasing 2 April 2023. For more details visit Public Transport fare changes 2023.

You can still enjoy 50% off AT travel fares and concessions until 30 June 2023. Excludes Waiheke and Rakino ferry tickets. For more details, visit Half Price Discount on Public Transport Fares.

Buy an AT HOP card online and have it mailed to you.

  • The purchase price is usually $15, this includes $10 card cost and $5 HOP money loaded on the card. Card cost is non-refundable.
  • Until 30 June 2022, the 50% discount will apply to the card fee. This means the overall price will be reduced to $10, which includes a $5 card fee and $5 HOP Money. For more information, visit Half Price Discount on Public Transport Fares.
  • Cards purchased online are delivered within New Zealand only and free of charge. See shipping.
  • Gold cards cannot be purchased online.

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Shipping is free for all online card purchases and are sent by standard NZ Post. Please allow up to 10 working days for standard delivery.

For domestic delivery delays, check the NZ Post website.

Terms of use of the AT HOP cards are available here.