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Buy a gold AT HOP card Buy a gold AT HOP card

Gold AT HOP cards cost $10 and must be loaded with at least $1 HOP Money at the time of purchase. The $10 card purchase price is non-refundable.

Only eligible individuals can purchase a gold AT HOP card

Gold AT HOP cards must be purchased by the individual who is eligible for the concession. This is to ensure that the card is issued only to a person who is eligible, and to protect your identity. If you wish to bring someone with you to help you make your purchase – e.g. a spouse or relative – they are most welcome. To be eligible for the concession you must be a current SuperGold card holder.

Important: Remember, the card does not come with the concession on it after you buy it, therefore you can load the concession separately, after purchase.

Where you can buy 

Gold AT HOP cards are available for sale at all AT HOP retailers except online and excludes prepay AT HOP cards sold Auckland wide.

What you need to buy

What to take with you to buy a gold AT HOP card

  • Take your SuperGold card and a current photo ID e.g. Driver Licence or your passport, or if your SuperGold card has your photo on it, then you do not need to take another form of photo ID.
  • Tell the retailer that you are eligible for a gold AT HOP card and present your SuperGold card and photo ID.
  • Take $11. The cost of the gold AT HOP card is $10 and you must load it with a minimum of $1 credit (HOP money). The purchase price is non-refundable.
  • Please note, the concession is not loaded onto your AT HOP card at the time of purchase.

Types of payments accepted

Most AT Customer Service Centres only accept debit, EFTPOS, and credit cards but not cash, with the exception of Manukau AT Customer Service Centre. Contact your closest AT HOP retailer to confirm what types of payments they accept.

Loading your gold AT HOP card with HOP Money

This allows you to use your card to travel on public transport outside of concession hours and on excluded services. For example, if you need to travel to an early morning appointment. You can also use this money to purchase a paper public transport ticket for another person, such as a friend or family member who doesn’t have an AT HOP card.

Proof of ID required to buy a gold AT HOP card

In order to ensure the SuperGold public transport concession is only provided to customers that are entitled to the concession, you will need to provide further identification if your SuperGold card does not have a photo.

List of photo IDs accepted

  • Current Passport or Driver Licence,
  • Hospitality NZ 18+ Card Evidence of Age Document,
  • AT Senior Citizen ID card,
  • AT Total Mobility ID card,
  • Fullers Ferry Monthly Pass ID card with photo,
  • Firearms Licence.

If you do not have an up-to-date photo ID

We will accept photo IDs that have expired after 1 January 2013.

If you do not have a photo ID, you can use any two of the following original documents (no photocopies). Do not send original documents in the post, so only use this ID if you are buying a gold AT HOP card at an AT HOP retailer.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Deed Poll Certificate
  • Citizenship Certificate (for overseas born residents)
  • National identity card (issued by some overseas countries)

If you want to use one or two of the following other ID documents, these will only be accepted if on the relevant organisation’s letterhead and includes your name and address.

  • WINZ document
  • IRD document
  • Court-issued document
  • Council rates bill
  • Water rates bill
  • Bank statement
  • Insurance company letter / Certificate of Insurance
  • Power company bill
  • Telephone company bill (landline/broadband only, mobile phone bills are not acceptable)

ID documents not accepted

  • Emails
  • Letters not on company letterhead
  • Mobile phone bills

Terms of use of the AT HOP cards are available here.