Strike action scheduled for next week involving drivers for NZ Bus has been withdrawn by First Union and Tramways Union.

However, drivers will meet on Tuesday (24 April) to ratify the settlement to the dispute. This meeting means NZ Bus services will be cancelled after morning peak. Services on Tuesday will be disrupted between 9:30am and 2:30pm, some services immediately before or after this could also be affected.

Bus services run by other operators are not affected and train and ferry services will run as usual on Tuesday.

Auckland Transport would like to thank our customers for their patience.

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Auckland Transport

Default fares Default fares

If you forget to tag on or tag off you will be charged the default fare for missing to tag on or tag off, which will be automatically deducted the next time you tag on.

How fares are charged to your AT HOP card

When you tag on and board the train, ferry or bus, a default fare will be charged to your card. If you forget to tag off this charge will remain on your card as the default fare the next time you tag on. This fare may be more expensive than your normal fare. When you tag off after disembarking, the system will calculate the fare and charge only the distance you have travelled.  

How much the default fare is

For the train or bus the default fare is the equivalent of the three zone fare using your card. If you have a child, secondary, accessible or SuperGold concession then the initial fare will be based on the cost of the three zone fare at that discount concession. Tertiary default fare is equal to a three zone adult fare.

The ferry default fare is equivalent to the AT HOP fare, that is the highest fare for any service that leaves through your tag on point. 

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If we identify fare evasion or fraudulent behaviour we may cancel your card. If your card is registered, we will try to contact you to discuss the problem. If your AT HOP card has been cancelled for these reasons you will need to call us to discuss the next steps.

Please contact the AT HOP call centre on 09 366 4467 or go to an AT Customer Service Centre if you have any problems with your card. If your card is cancelled you can purchase a replacement AT HOP card.

How default fares will appear in your online account

Journeys will appear in your online account transaction history as:

Missing tag-off - the card was tagged-on but was not tagged-off.

Missing tag-on - the card was tagged-off but was not tagged-on.