If you forget or are unable to tag on or off If you forget or are unable to tag on or off

Use your AT HOP card to tag on before you board your train or ferry or as you are boarding your bus, then tag off when you finish your trip. If you don't tag on and tag off you may be charged a default fare. 

If you forget to tag on or tag off

If you forget to tag on or tag off you will be charged the default fare, which will be automatically deducted the next time you tag on. If this default fare puts your HOP money balance below $0, you will be unable to tag on until you load additional HOP money onto your AT HOP card. Minimum amount you can top up is $1 ($5 online and auto top up).

You may be required to present your AT HOP card for inspection once you are on board the train, ferry or bus. 

If you are unable to tag on or tag off

You must still have a valid ticket for travel if your AT HOP card is not working. You can purchase a paper ticket from a ticket office or a ticket & top up machine, or from a bus driver. If your card is not allowing you to tag on or tag off it may be one of the following reasons:

If your card has a negative balance

You cannot travel on a card with a negative balance. A negative balance (or IOU) can be cleared by topping up your card.

You can check your balance using a top-up machine, at a retailer, or if your card is registered you can view your balance online. Please note, your most recent transactions may not be showing.

Incorrect tag on

You may not have tagged on at the correct device, or withdrawn your card too quickly from the reader. If there is no beep and green light, please try to tag on again.

Device error or faulty card

There may have been a device error or you may have a faulty card. You will need to visit an AT customer service centre, where your card will be examined, and will be replaced free of charge if a technical fault is detected.

Fraudulent use

Auckland Transport monitors AT HOP cards to ensure they are being used correctly, which includes tagging on and tagging off for every trip. 

If we identify fare evasion or fraudulent behaviour we may cancel your card. If your card is registered, we will try to contact you to discuss the problem. If your AT HOP card has been cancelled for these reasons you will need to call us to discuss the next steps.

If there are any issues with your AT HOP card or balance, please contact us to discuss your concerns.

Terms of use of the AT HOP cards are available here.