If you no longer need your card If you no longer need your card

If your AT HOP card has been registered, you may apply to surrender your card and receive a refund of the HOP money balance on your card, back to your bank account.

How to surrender your AT HOP card

Download card surrender form (PDF 317KB), complete your form and send a copy of it to MyHop.Service@Myhop.co.nz. This can be a scanned copy, a PDF copy or a good quality picture of your completed form. The form can be updated on your computer and emailed to us, just remember to sign below where we say “Primary account holder” for you form to be accepted.

If your application is approved, you will receive a refund of the HOP money balance on your card within 14 days of the surrender of your card.

Please not that you cannot receive a refund for a daily or monthly pass that has already been activated. You can only receive a refund for a monthly or daily pass that has not been activated and is still pending.

Card balance expiry

Please note that your AT HOP card, and any value loaded on it, will expire if the card is not used, no refund is requested, the card is cancelled, or no HOP money or monthly pass value is loaded onto it for a continuous period of six years.

When your card expires, any value remaining on it will be forfeited and becomes the property of Auckland Transport. If this happens, you may contact us and we will transfer any HOP Money or the HOP Money equivalent of any inactivated products to another AT HOP card purchased by you.

Terms of use of the AT HOP cards are available here.