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Linked accounts for managing multiple cards

Once you’ve created an account you can register multiple AT HOP cards for you or create linked accounts for your family or employees. You may find linked accounts useful if you need to monitor and manage multiple cards from one main account, for example for your children, for businesses, or for your staff members.

Option 1: Not using linked accounts - one account per person

  • Create an account for each child or employee.
  • Requires a unique email address and you are unable to re-use the email address for another AT HOP account. 

Option 2: Use linked accounts for managing cards for more than one person

Linked accounts allow you to monitor the balances of AT HOP cards for more than one person. Linked accounts are linked to a single main account and can manage one-off top-ups or auto top-ups for each card. 

  • Linked accounts are not available for cards that have already been registered to another AT HOP account.
  • Register for AT HOP under your own name and create a linked account with a child or another card holder's details. This requires you to have your own AT HOP card registered before you create a linked account, but will allow you to manage another card holder's AT HOP card and will allow child concession be applied to a child's AT HOP card if applicable.