Register an AT HOP card for someone else Register an AT HOP card for someone else

There are two options to register a card for someone else, linking it to your account or creating a separate account.

Once a card is registered to an account, it cannot be deregistered or transferred within your account or to another account.

Who will manage the card?

You will manage the card. It will be linked to your account

User icon as primary account and two smaller user icons as linked accounts

Choose this option if you will be managing the card on a permanent basis.

For example:

  • Managing a child's AT HOP card.
  • Businesses managing AT HOP cards for their employees to use.
You need to know
  • If the person you are registering the card for wants to manage their own card later on, they will have to buy a new card and create their own MyAT account to register.
  • You cannot transfer HOP Money between linked/primary accounts.

How to register as a linked account

Create or log into your MyAT account

Go to "Register AT HOP card" and select "New linked account". Add the details of the person using the card.

Someone else will manage the card. You will set up their account

Two separate user icons for two separate accounts

Choose this option if the person you are registering the card for is going to take over management of the card and account themselves.

For example:

  • Helping a friend or relative to register a card to their own account to log in and manage themselves.
  • A teen you are currently managing a card for who will eventually take over the account and manage it themselves later.
You need to know
  • You will need a unique email address for each person's account as you are unable to re-use an email address for another AT HOP account.

How to register as a separate MyAT account

Create a MyAT account

Use the person's name, email address and contact details and register the card.

Terms of use of the AT HOP cards are available here.