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How to register card on behalf of another person How to register card on behalf of another person

There are a few different ways to manage the card for the person you are registering the card on behalf of.

First decide how you want to setup your MyAT account

Option 1: Register the card on behalf of another person which allows them to eventually take over the management of their card and account

  • This requires a unique email address for each person's own MyAT account, as you are unable to re-use the email address for another AT HOP account.
  • If you managing cards on behalf of multiple people, then creating a MyAT account for each person and then logging into each account to manage the cards may be time consuming.
  • Once a HOP card is registered, it cannot be deregistered or moved to another account.

If you decide this option then do the same steps as if creating a MyAT account and registering card for yourself but use the person's name, email and contact details you are managing on behalf of.

Option 2: Use your own MyAT account, log in and create linked accounts for managing cards for more than one person

  • You cannot register cards that have already been registered to another AT HOP account.
  • If in the future the person you are managing this card for wants to manage their own card they will have to create their own MyAT account and buy a new card to register.
  • You cannot transfer balances between linked/primary accounts.

How to register 

  1. First buy a card for yourself and for the person you are going to manage on behalf of. You need the card number to be able to register the card.
  2.  Create MyAT online account to register your AT HOP card.
  3. Open the email that has been sent to you and click on the activation link.
  4. Create your password.
  5. Log in and confirm your details.
  6. Click "Register AT HOP card".
  7. Under "Who is the card for? select "New linked account" and add the details of the person you are managing the card for.
  8. Enter AT HOP card number.
  9. Click "Register card".

If you are unable to register your card online, please call the AT HOP call centre on (09) 366 4467 and a customer service representative will help you.