Top up AT HOP card Top up AT HOP card

Enjoy 50% off AT travel fares, concessions and the price of a new AT HOP card (except the purchase of pre-loaded HOP cards) until 31 March 2023. Excludes Waiheke and Rakino ferry tickets. For more details, visit Half Price Discount on Public Transport Fares.

You need to top up your AT HOP card before you can use it for travel. You can top up your card with HOP Money:

  • online or by setting up an auto top up
  • in person at AT HOP retailers, top-up machines, or AT Customer Service Centres
  • or load a monthly or day pass.
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Auto top up

Find out how to setup an auto top up so your card is topped up automatically.

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Top up your card online

Top up your registered AT HOP card online.

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Places to top up in person

Find a location in your area where you can top up your card.

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AT HOP monthly pass

Top up your AT HOP card with a monthly pass.

Terms of use of the AT HOP cards are available here.