Update 9 as at 21 June 2018  8.16pm

North Auckland

  • Tomorata Valley Road open.
  • Waiteitei Road in Wellsford open.
  • Old Kaipara Road open.
  • Old Woodcocks Road open.
  • Kaipara Flats Road open.
  • Wayby Station Road in Wellsford is open to one lane.
  • Wellsford Valley Road in Wellsford is open to one lane.
  • Whangaripo Valley Road is CLOSED in Wellsford, due to flooding.
  • Wayby Valley Road is CLOSED in Wellsford, due to flooding.
  • Falls Road is CLOSED in Warkworth, due to flooding.

Please take extra care and drive to the conditions.

West Auckland

  • No known issues.

Central Auckland

  • No known issues.

East Auckland

  • No known issues.

South Auckland

  • no known issues.

Auckland Transport

Using & managing your card Using & managing your card

Use your AT HOP card to tag on before you board your train, ferry or bus, then tag off when you finish your trip. If you don’t tag on or tag off your AT HOP card you may be charged a default fare of up to $20, depending on the service used or the distance travelled.

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How to tag on and tag off

Find out where and how to tag on and tag off trains, the bus and a ferry.

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How to add money to your card

Find out different ways to add money to your AT HOP card by topping up.

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Viewing your balance and transaction history

Find out how to view your transaction history of your recent journeys.

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Updating your contact details

Find out how to update your contact details to ensure any notifications or alerts are getting to you.

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Help or problems with your card

Find out what might be the cause if you have problems with your card, or if you have lost card.

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How to request a refund

Find out how to request a refund if you dispute any transactions on your card.

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Transferring your balance from one card to another

Find out how to transfer your card balance to another card registered to the same account.

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Linked accounts and managing cards for others

Find out about linked accounts and managing cards on behalf of other people.

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Paying for more than one person

Find out how you can pay for more than one person with your AT HOP card.

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Lending your card to others

Find out if you can lend your AT HOP card for others to use.

We would like you to know that our AT HOP terms of use have changed as of 22 May 2018. Find out about the changes and read the AT HOP card terms of use.