How to request a refund How to request a refund

If you do not agree with a fare charged to your AT HOP card and want to apply for a refund, you can query the transaction online.

How to query your transaction online

  1. Log in to your MyAT account.
  2. Select the card.
  3. Select the "Transactions" tab.ย 
  4. Select "View details" next to the transaction you want to query.

    If you disagree with more than one transaction, just choose one, and tell us about the other transactions in the query form.
  5. Select "Query this transaction."
  6. Choose whether you'd like to receive an email confirmation.
  7. Enter your trip details.
  8. Choose the reason for your query.
  9. Add any additional information, including the dates and times of any other transactions you'd like to query.ย 
  10. Select the "Next" button.
  11. Review the information you've provided.
  12. Select "Submit".

Once you've submitted your request, we'll respond within 10 working days.ย 

Note: If you forget to tag on and off and are charged a default fare as a result, we will only refund you for the first time you forget.


Terms of use of the AT HOP cards are available here.