Viewing your balance and transaction history Viewing your balance and transaction history

How to view your balance and check your transactions

You cards must be registered to a MyAT HOP account to view your balance and transaction history. 

  1. Log in to your MyAT account.
  2. Select "View all cards" to view your card balances. 
  3. To view your transaction history, select a card and select the "Transactions" tab
  4. To view more information about the transaction, select "View details".

How fares are charged to your AT HOP card

When you tag on and board the train, ferry or bus, a default fare will be charged to your card. When you tag off after disembarking, the system will calculate the fare and charge only the distance you have travelled. 

If you forget to tag off this charge will remain on your card as the default fare the next time you tag on. This fare may be more expensive than your normal fare.

Repeatedly failing to tag on and tag off may result in your card being cancelled. If your card is cancelled you will need to purchase a replacement AT HOP card.

Fares charged incorrectly

If you think a fare has been charged incorrectly, you can request a refund for us to review through your MyAT account. You can also print a record of your most recent travel at a top-up machine or ask at a customer service centre or AT HOP retailer.

GST receipt for travel on the AT HOP card

Auckland Transport has obtained a special product ruling from the IRD in relation to the AT HOP card. Under section 24(6)(b) of the GST Act the Commissioner has determined that a tax invoice is not required to be issued. Under the ruling, if a GST expense claim is required by a public transport user, a printout of the account is sufficient for the GST to be recovered on actual trips completed.

Terms of use of the AT HOP cards are available here.