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SuperGold Concession

If you are a SuperGold card holder you can still travel free after 9am weekdays and all day at weekends and on public holidays. When you board a bus, tag on your AT HOP card, or show your SuperGold card to the driver. Remember to tag off at the end of the trip to record your distance travelled.

SuperGold Concessions are not available on NiteRider and Airbus Express bus services.

You must have your SuperGold card with you when you travel. 

If you travel before 9am, adult fares will apply. If you have an AT HOP card simply tag on at an AT HOP card reader and remember to tag off at the end of your trip so that the correct adult fare can be charged. On trains, tag on at train stations, and on ferries, tag on at ferry terminals and pontoons. On trains and ferries, if you do not hold an AT HOP card you will need to purchase an adult ticket from the Ticket & Top-up machine at the train station or at Ticket Offices at selected train stations and ferry terminals.

SuperGold Concession on an AT HOP card

If you wish to travel using an AT HOP card, you can have a SuperGold Concession loaded onto your card. This will save you having to get a free SuperGold ticket before you travel on trains and ferries. You may only hold one AT HOP card with a SuperGold profile on it.

Travel commencing after 9am weekdays and all day on weekends and on public holidays will still be free and you will be able to tag on and tag off with your AT HOP card. Travel commencing before 9am will be charged at adult fares to your HOP Money balance on your AT HOP card with at least 10% discount off single trip paper tickets (excludes NiteRider and Airbus Express bus services).

How to apply

To have a SuperGold Concession loaded on your AT HOP card you first need to register your card online.

Registration takes 24 hours to be applied to the card. After registration, visit an AT Customer Service Centre with your SuperGold card to enable your concession profile to be loaded onto your AT HOP card.

Expiry date

A SuperGold Concession is set to expire on 1 January 2030.
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