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Blues - 2018 Investec Super Rugby Season Blues - 2018 Investec Super Rugby Season

Travel on trains and special event buses is included with your match ticket.

Date Match Kick-off
Friday 29 June 2018 Blues v Reds 7.35pm


Travel is included with your match ticket on special event buses.
Note: There are no special event buses travelling from Newmarket this season.

Departure times Departure Point



6.15pm - 6.45pm (approx every 15 mins)

142-152 Hurstmere Road (Outside Wilsons Carpark)
From Eden Park Bus Hub

Northern Busway Stations

To 5.15pm - 6.45pm (approx. every 15 mins)
  • Albany Station Stop 28 (4228)
  • Constellation Station Stop 2 (4222)
  • Sunnynook Station Stop 2 (3219)
  • Smales Farm Station Stop 2 (3360)
  • Akoranga Station Stop 2 (4065)
  • Then directly to Eden Park
From For 1 hour post match or until crowd cleared (approx. 9.15pm - 10.15pm)

 Eden Park Bus Hub stopping at:

  • Akoranga Station Stop 1
  • Smales Farm Stop 1
  • Sunnynook Station Stop 1
  • Constellation Station Stop 3B
  • Albany Station
Manukau, Botany, and Pakuranga To

6.00pm, 6.15pm, and 6.30pm from Manukau

6.15pm, 6.30pm, and 6.45pm from Botany

6.30pm, 6.45pm, and 7.00pm from Pakuranga

Manukau Centre: Leyton Way - Stop E (6920)

Botany Town Centre - Stop A (6231)

Pakuranga Plaza outside Farmers (6060)

From For 1 hour post match or until crowd cleared (approx. 9.15pm - 10.15pm)

Eden Park Bus Hub


View the Western Line train timetable for the Blues vs the Reds on Friday 29 June 2018 (443KB PDF)
View the Southern Line (including Onehunga, and Eastern Line) train timetable for the Blues vs the Reds on Friday 29 June 2018 (443KB PDF)

Post event: You may experience delays between trains when transferring to another line. We recommend checking the timetables and planning your journey to and from events in advance.
Travel with your match ticket on rail starts 3 hours before kick-off and ends at the finish of services that evening. Some games may have additional rail services operating to assist with demand.

Passengers must show their match ticket for all travel on trains. Passengers who do not present their pre-purchased ticket will be charged regular fares.


Existing timetabled ferry services will operate. Normal fares and passes apply.

Terms and conditions

  • Travel on trains and special event bus services to and from Eden Park is included with your concert ticket to all Blues matches 2018.
  • Travel included with your game ticket on trains starts from 3 hours prior to kick-off and until 1 hour post event on all Blues matches 2018.
  • A pre-purchased match ticket must be shown upon request and applicable on the date of the game you are attending. Ticket receipts are not accepted.
  • Normal fares will apply to all train services if a concert ticket is not presented.
  • Tickets must be retained to show for return travel after the concert, otherwise normal fares will apply.
  • While all effort has been made to cater for expected demand on trains and special event buses, space on these services is subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. Passengers will be boarded on a first come first served basis.
  • Auckland Transport accepts no liability whatsoever in relation to the provision of these services, including, but not limited to, any liability in relation to any delay of, or failure to provide, any services.
  • Travel on ferries and bus routes other than the special event buses stated is not included with your concert ticket.
  • Standard terms and conditions of carriage apply.

Published 12 February 2018 | Last updated 14 June 2018
Information is correct at the time of publishing and subject to change