Auckland Transport

Train penalty fare

Auckland trains operate on a pre-pay system. The penalty fare is the penalty for not pre-purchasing a ticket or tagging on an AT HOP card before boarding the train.

  • The penalty fare is $20 and applies regardless of the length of your journey.

Single train tickets can be purchased from ticket and top-up machines at all stations and from ticket offices.

When the ticket and top-up machine is not working

If your journey begins at Britomart, Newmarket, New Lynn, Papakura, Panmure or Manukau train stations, you will need to purchase a ticket or top up your AT HOP card from a ticket and top-up machine before you board the train.

If you are travelling from another station and there is no other working ticket and top-up machine record the time, date and location of the machine out of service and advise Auckland Transport on (09) 366 4467.

If you travel without a valid ticket because of a device malfunction, you may be issued with a permit to travel, so you can complete your journey.

Difference between penalty fare and AT HOP tag-off penalty fare

The train penalty fare is for failing to pre-purchase a valid train ticket, and the AT HOP penalty fare is for failing to tag on or off when using an AT HOP card. 

Repeatedly failing to tag on and off and fraudulent behaviour will be monitored. It may result in your card being cancelled.

Contesting the penalty fare

If you have received a penalty fare and want to question it, please contact Auckland Transport or call us on (09) 366 4467.

Train services will not be held for individual passengers including those who are buying paper tickets from machines.

Travel on Transdev Auckland Ltd services is subject to Transdev conditions of carriage.

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We would like you to know that our AT HOP terms of use have changed. Terms of use of the AT HOP cards are available here.