Get set to travel Get set to travel

If you're new to using buses, trains or ferries in Auckland, here are some easy steps to get you ready for your first journey. 

Step 1: Get an AT HOP card

To use public transport in Auckland, you need an AT HOP card. 

An AT HOP card is a reusable prepaid travel card to use on buses, trains, and ferries around Auckland.

Blue AT HOP card

Find out about the AT HOP card and how it works.

Buy an AT HOP card

You can buy an AT HOP card for $10 at a Customer Service Centre or at a retailer near you. It must be topped up at the time of purchase.

Alternatively, you can buy an AT HOP card online and have it posted to your New Zealand address.

Find your closest AT HOP card retailer.

Register your AT HOP card

Register your AT HOP card online to manage your transactions, top up online including setting and Auto top up, protect your balance if your card is ever lost or stolen and apply for discounts or concessions.

There are several concessions available including discounted fares for children, students, accessible and those over 65 years old. You can register for these online. Find out more about AT card concessions.

Top up your AT HOP card

To start your journey, you need to top up your AT HOP card. You can do these via the following options:

*For online transactions, make sure you top up before midnight the night before you wish to travel. In most cases, that top up will be ready for you to use the next day, otherwise, it may take up to 72 hours.

Find out more detailed information about AT HOP cards.

Step 2: Plan your journey

Now that you have your AT HOP card registered and topped up - you can now plan your journey. 

Plan your journey with AT's Journey Planner to see how you can get from A to B.

  • Simply enter your starting point and end destination into the Journey Planner, then click 'Plan my journey', and it will show you the transport options for your trip.
  • Your search results will show the service, walking time, departure and arrival times, and how much it will cost.
  • You can search for a journey that leaves now, or for a selected time in the future.
  • Use the filters to set your preferences like to show trains only or school buses.

Help on how to use the journey planner.

Plan your journey using the Journey Planner

Step 3: Download the AT Mobile app

If you have a smartphone the AT Mobile app makes your journey easier for when you are out on Public transport and allows you to:

  • Check live departures time for your bus stop or train station.
  • Get notified when your bus is three stops away, or if it's time to get off your bus or train – handy for your first trip.
  • Check how full your bus or train service is before it arrives.
  • View and manage your AT HOP card balance on the go.
  • Turn on notifications to be alerted of travel disruptions or changes to services. We need your permission to send notifications to you, so please remember to turn them on when opening the AT Mobile app for the first time.

Simply put in the same address for where you want to go – the same as journey planner.

Download the AT Mobile App. 

Download the AT Mobile app for the iPhone on the App Store Download the AT Mobile app for Android on the Google Play store

Find out more information about the AT Mobile app.

Step 4: Time to travel

You are now ready to travel around Auckland. Here are some travel tips:

Travel Tip 1: Arrive a few minutes early

Make sure you arrive at your stop or station a few minutes before the scheduled departure time. Some services, particularly buses, can run a few minutes ahead of schedule. 

Travel Tip 2: Track your bus in real-time to see where it is.

Use the Live Departures in the AT Mobile app to check where your bus is in real-time, so you know when you need to leave to arrive at your bus stop in time.

Use the AT Mobile app to track your bus, and you can also be notified when you need to be ready to wave at your bus so the bus driver knows you want to get on.

Travel Tip 3: Tag on and off with your AT HOP card to pay for your trip

Tag on ​

  • When you board a bus, train, or ferry, make sure you 'tag on' by holding your AT HOP card flat and still on the reader for a second.
  • The reader will flash green if your 'tag on' is successful (or green and amber for cards that have a concession applied).

Tag off

  • When you've completed your journey, do the same as you exit the train station, bus, or ferry terminal to tag off.
  • The reader (or electronic gate) will display the amount paid for your trip as well as your remaining AT HOP balance.
  • If you don't tag off, you may be charged a default fare.

Find out more about tagging on and off with your AT HOP card.

If you haven’t used public transport before, or if it's been a while, we recommend checking out our ‘Guide to using buses, trains and ferries'.