AT HOP balance on AT mobile AT HOP balance on AT mobile

We added the ability to view your AT HOP card balance in the AT Mobile app in May 2019, and we’re continuing to roll out new HOP related features.  

Screenshot of the My AT HOP section in the AT Mobile app.
Screenshot of the My AT HOP section in the AT Mobile app.

Handy things to know about this feature and tips for using it.

I don’t see the My AT HOP feature on my App.

  • To check your AT HOP card balance, the My AT HOP feature is available in app version 0.18.2 and above - make sure you have updated to the latest version of AT Mobile app to be able to use this feature.
  • You require iOS version 9 or above, Android version 5 or above.
  • If you have access to the feature you will see a My AT HOP button at the bottom of the app screen.

My AT HOP button

How to show the balance of my other AT HOP cards.

  • The app can only show the balance for 1 card at a time. To change the card shown, tap 'View all your AT HOP cards'.

View all your AT HOP cards balance on AT Mobile app
  • Any 'hidden' or 'blocked' cards on your MyAT account will not be available.

Renaming my AT HOP cards.

  • The feature on the App shows the name you have set on the MyAT website. To give your cards easy to remember names, Login at:, go to "view All Cards", select the card you wish to name and type in the name you wish to  use.

View all my AT HOP cards on AT Mobile

Renaming my AT HOP cards

The AT HOP card that I use isn't displayed.

  • Check the card you are using is registered. If not, you will see the screen below: 

Don't have a registered AT HOP card

  • If registered, check you have used the correct MyAT login that you registered the card with. If you are unsure what the account details you used are, please call our AT HOP call centre (09 366 4467) and they will be able to help you find your account.

Resetting your MyAT password.

  • You can reset your MyAT password by clicking on 'Forgotten password?'.
  • Your username is the email address you used to register your AT HOP card. If you have forgotten this, please call our Contact Centre team (09) 366 4467 and they will be able to help you find the correct email address.

Resetting your MyAT password

Accuracy of the in-app balance.

  • If you top up your card online before 10pm on any day, in most cases, that top up will be ready for you to use the next day when you tag on, otherwise it may take up to 72 hours. You can then tag on for AT HOP money to show on your card in your MyAT online and AT Mobile App account balance. Find out more about topping up your card online.
  • The AT HOP card system is 'card present'. That means all information is stored on the card itself rather than online. The card must be shown to card readers (at a train station, ferry terminal or on the bus) for the card information to update. Card readers update by uploading and downloading stored information from the central AT HOP system, which can take up to 24 hours.
  • There may be pending transactions as there is a delay when our buses are offline. They need to return to the depot to pick up the latest information (transactions). Once these are downloaded to the bus tag-on devices (typically overnight), the latest information will be written to your HOP card next time you tag on.

Logging in with MyAT details to see my Linked cards, recent transactions and to top up.

  • For security reasons you will need to login if it has been more than 1 hour since the last login via the AT Mobile App to MyAT section of the website.
  • This is to protect your information, especially if you have bank/credit card details loaded for auto top ups. 

Topping up via the App.

  • We are continuing to work on improving the AT Mobile app, the first release includes viewing your balance. We have built a link for you to easily get to the Top Up page on the MyAT website. This feature is planned in the future.

Buying or registering an AT HOP card on the App.

  • Customer feedback has requested AT HOP balance as the priority feature. We constantly monitor feedback and test features with our users to deliver the most value in the AT Mobile App. Registering or buying an AT HOP card has not been requested in the past. We will continue to review and update our roadmap based on feedback we receive.

Can you use your phone as an AT HOP card?

  • Unfortunately, no you can not use your phone as an AT HOP card and instead can only do things such as checking your balance, top up your card, view transactions and linked accounts via the AT Mobile App.