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Auckland Transport

Mobile services

Providing information for mobile users is an important part of what we do to make your journeys easier - find information about applications and services to use on your mobile.

Mobile site

This site has been designed to be compatible with your mobile device.

AT Mobile app iconAT Mobile app

AT Mobile will help you find, plan and track your journeys across Auckland's public transport network.

AT Mobile extends the current AT Metro and Track My Bus app with a great new interface that's easy to use.

Keep an eye out for updates as we're working hard to introduce new features as soon as we can.

With AT Mobile you can:

  • Create and save journeys.
  • Create and save real time boards.
  • View the real time location of your bus.
  • Receive notifications when your bus is one stop away.
  • Get reminded via notifications to get off your bus or train (great when you're travelling to unfamiliar areas).
  • Receive route specific notifications like bus stop closures or major disruptions.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates from Auckland Transport.

We have released an Android version of AT Mobile and an iOS update that includes real time boards along with bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Download the AT Mobile app for the iPhone on the Apple iPhone App Store

Download the AT Mobile app for Android on the Google Play Store

AT Metro App logoAT Metro Public Transport app

This app includes a version of the Journey Planner and the Real Time Board with “Find My Stop” functionality.

An updated version of the AT Metro Public Transport app and Track My Bus app was released on 28 October 2016. The updated apps includes enhancements to some existing functionality but it also incorporates complete new functionality based on customer feedback.

Existing functionality

Journey Planner

  • Updated "Time" format.
  • Drop-down menu for "Hours", "Minutes", "AM/PM".
  • Train services show both the Line name and the Destination eg. East (Manukau).

Real Time Board

  • New "Find Stop" function to locate nearest public transport to your location.

New features

"Track My Bus" app

  • Launch the Track My Bus app from the home menu of the AT Metro app.
  • If customers do not have the Track My Bus app installed they will be prompted to download it.
  • Real time tracking of your bus service from 10 stops away.
  • Find, name and save your favourite bus stops.


  • All bus, train and ferry timetables available in downloadable PDF format.

Download the AT Public Transport app for the iPhone on the Apple iPhone App Store.

Download the AT Metro app for Android on the Google Play Store.

You can find the app by searching "AT Metro" in the app stores.

AT Metro Track My Bus App LogoAT Metro Track My Bus app

AT Metro Track My Bus is a mobile app that lets you track the progress of your bus (includes school buses) in real-time, so you’ll always know how much time is up your sleeve. You can save your favourite bus routes and stops, and count down the stops until you’re on board.

With the Track My Bus app you can:​

  • Save multiple bus stops and bus routes.
  • See in real-time where your bus is on your favourite routes.
  • Track your bus progress from the ten-preceding stops.
  • See when a bus has arrived or already gone.

From 28 October 2016: The update to the Track My Bus app includes bus fixes for issues raised by customers. There are further upgrades to the AT Metro app and Track My Bus app currently being developed and we welcome your feedback.

Download AT Metro Track My Bus app for Android on the Google Play store.

Download AT Metro Track My Bus app for the iPhone on the Apple iPhone App Store.

Tracking other public transport services

The app is only set up to track bus and school bus services. The ability to track train and ferry services may be added later.

Feedback on the AT Metro Track My Bus app

As this is the first version of the app, contact us with any feedback and suggested improvements for the AT Metro Track My Bus.

Third party apps

There are a number of third party applications currently available on the Android Market and Apple Store, which use Auckland Transport's public transport information.

Please contact these developers directly if you have any concerns with the information you receive when using these applications.

App developers

Developers interested in developing their own apps using the public transport scheduled information can download the Google Transit Feed here.

The use of public transport information from Auckland Transport websites is subject to the Auckland Transport website Terms and Conditions of Use.

Train delays txt service

With AT Train updates you can register to receive text messages if your train is disrupted, cancelled or delayed by more than 10 minutes. Subscribe at Train updates service

AT Train Updates to your mobile phone are free.

Bus stop txt service

Simply text your bus stop number to 3666.

The bus arrival information in the text message will appear as 'Real Time' information shown in minutes. If Real Time is not available for that service, the information will appear as Scheduled Time shown in a 24 hour clock format. The message may come in the format of shortened words/txt format.

BusStp 5355@15:59, 090 WESTGATE 16:07 8 mins, 090 WESTGATE 16:57 , 09X STURGES ROAD 17:15 , 090 WESTGATE 17:40

So the above text response translates as:

  • Bus stop number 5355 was texted at 3.59pm
  • At 4:07pm, Route 090 to Westgate is scheduled to arrive at this stop. According to The 'Real Time' information the 090 is approximately 8mins away.
  • 'Scheduled Time' is shown as the next timetabled bus using the 24 hour clock e.g. 16.07
  • 'Real Time' is shown as number of minutes before bus arrival e.g. 8 Mins

Each text response received costs 30 cents (inc GST) charged to your mobile phone account. Your 4-digit bus stop number can usually be found displayed on bus stop poles or timetable information posters. If you do not know your bus stop number or cannot find one at your bus stop, you can find it on a map here.