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Providing information for mobile users is an important part of what we do to make your journeys easier - find information about applications and services to use on your mobile.

The AT Mobile app

AT Mobile makes it easier to move around Auckland. It helps plan and track journeys across AT Metro's bus, train and ferry services regardless of whether you are a frequent commuter or an occasional traveler.

With AT Mobile you can:

  • Personalise and edit your regular journeys.
  • Track your bus or train in real time.
  • Receive route specific notifications like bus stop closures or major disruptions.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest updates from Auckland Transport.
  • Check the balance of your AT HOP card.

How to use the AT Mobile app

Download the AT Mobile app for the iPhone on the App Store Download the AT Mobile app for Android on the Google Play store

The AT Mobile app is not available on the Huawei App Gallery. If you have a newer Huawei phone without Google Play Store, we recommend you use the web-based Journey Planner.

Keep an eye out for updates. We frequently release new versions of the app that include improvements based on feedback from customers.

AT Metro and Track My Bus apps are no longer supported, so we recommend customers download AT Mobile.

Train updates text service

With AT Train updates you can register to receive text or email messages if your train is disrupted, cancelled or delayed by more than 10 minutes. Subscribe at Train updates service

AT Train Updates to your mobile phone are free.

Bus stop text service

Simply text your bus stop number to 3666.

The bus arrival information in the text message will appear as 'Real Time' information shown in minutes. If Real Time is not available for that service, the information will appear as Scheduled Time shown in a 24 hour clock format. The message may come in the format of shortened words/text format.

BusStp 5355@15:59, 090 WESTGATE 16:07 8 mins, 090 WESTGATE 16:57 , 09X STURGES ROAD 17:15 , 090 WESTGATE 17:40

So the above text response translates as:

  • Bus stop number 5355 was texted at 3.59pm
  • At 4:07pm, Route 090 to Westgate is scheduled to arrive at this stop. According to The 'Real Time' information the 090 is approximately 8mins away.
  • 'Scheduled Time' is shown as the next timetabled bus using the 24 hour clock e.g. 16.07
  • 'Real Time' is shown as number of minutes before bus arrival e.g. 8 Mins

Each text response received costs 20 cents (inc GST) charged to your mobile phone account. Your 4-digit bus stop number can usually be found displayed on bus stop poles or timetable information posters. If you do not know your bus stop number or cannot find one at your bus stop, use the Find my stop or station map.