Concrete Repair Works - Birkenhead Ferry Terminal Concrete Repair Works - Birkenhead Ferry Terminal

Birkenhead Ferry Terminal maintenance

From Thursday 11 May until June, essential preventative repairs to the concrete structure are taking place at Birkenhead Ferry Terminal. 

How these works will affect passengers

The wharf will remain open for use while works take place, as this work is taking place underneath the wharf.

However, we need to remove damaged areas of the wharf structures before we reinstate them. These hydro-demolition works will be noisy.

Due to the increased noise levels, ear plugs will available.

Why we need to do this work

We need to do these preventative concrete repairs to extend the life of the wharves. Without it, more extensive repair work would be needed in the future.

Last updated 3/05/2023
Information is correct at the time of publishing and subject to change