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Service changes at Hibiscus Coast Station Service changes at Hibiscus Coast Station

From Monday 24 February, selected weekday peak NX2 services will start from or finish at Hibiscus Coast Station to add capacity and reduce the number of transfers.

These services will start from Hibiscus Coast Station in the morning and travel to the city centre universities via Mayoral Drive. In the afternoon peak, selected services will be extended from Albany to Hibiscus Coast Station.

Some additional late-night services to Hibiscus Coast Station have been added. The last NX2 bus leaves the city centre at midnight, compared to the NX1 which departs at 11pm.

To the city - Monday to Friday

From the city - Monday to Friday

5.55am, 6.20am, 6.35am, 6.47am, 6.59am, 7.11am, 7.23am, 7.35am, 7.47am

4.33pm, 4.46pm, 4.58pm, 5.10pm, 5.22pm, 5.35pm, 5.50pm, 6.05pm, 11.30pm* and midnight*


*operate seven days a week


View the timetable for the NX2 effective from Monday 24 February 2020 (PDF 326KB)

Because of the additional services at Hibiscus Coast station, there are some stop changes. While construction of the station building continues, additional temporary shelters have been added in the new bus turnaround space to accommodate these extra buses.

  • From Sunday 23 January, NX1 services move to Stop B (4982) within the new station grounds.
  • NX2 and local services will use stop the existing stop on Painton Road.

Published 14 February 2020 | Last updated 14 February 2020
Information is correct at the time of publishing and subject to change