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Timetable changes to Pine Harbour route Timetable changes to Pine Harbour route

From Monday 3 August 2020, Pine Harbour will have minor timetable changes. 

Pine Harbour Ferry

New timetable effective from Monday 3 August:

Depart Pine Harbour Arrive Downtown Ferry Terminal - Pier 1 Depart Downtown Ferry Terminal - Pier 1 Arrive Pine Harbour
6:20am 6:55am 7am 7:35am
6:40am 7:15am 7:20am 7:55am
7am 7:35am 7:40am 8:15am
7:20am 7:55am 8am 8:35am
7:40am 8:15am 8:20am 8:55am
8am 8:35am 8:40am 9:15am
8:20am 8:55am 9:10am 9:45am
9:10am 9:45am 9:50am 10:25am
10:10am 10:45am 10:50am 11:25am
11:30am 12:05pm 12:10pm 12:45pm
1pm 1:35pm 1:40pm 2:15pm
2:40pm 3:15pm 3:20pm 3:55pm
3:40pm 4:15pm 4:20pm 4:55pm
4pm 4:35pm 4:40pm 5:15pm
4:20pm 4:55pm 5pm 5:35pm
4:40pm 5:15pm 5:20pm 5:55pm
5pm 5:35pm 5:40pm 6:15pm
5:20pm 5:55pm 6pm 6:35pm
6pm 6:35pm 6:40pm 7:15pm
7pm 7:35pm 7:40pm 8:15pm​
Friday only:
8:30pm​ 9:05pm 9:10pm​ 9:45pm​
10:30pm​ 11:05pm 11:10pm​ 11:45pm​

View the timetable for Pine Harbour effective from Monday 3 August 2020 (PDF 4MB)

Published 23 July 2020 | Last updated 23 July 2020
Information is correct at the time of publishing and subject to change