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Auckland Transport

School buses to Kadimah College

  • 016 : St Heliers to Epsom Schools and Kadimah School
    Departs: 7:00am
    Operator: Metrolink
    Serving: Kadimah College
    Route: Tamaki, Vale, Bay, Riddell, Rochdale, Chesterfield, Maskell, St Heliers Bay, St Johns, Remuera (for St Kentigern Girls School, Remuera Intermediate, Remuera Primary & Kings School), St Marks, Manukau (for Epsom Girls), Clyde, Margot (for Diocesan School), Mt St Johns, Manukau, Campbell, Market (to stop opposite St Cuthbert's College), Ranfurly, Manukau, Alpers, Gillies, Southern Motorway, Northbound Onramp, Symonds Street Offramp, Symonds, Karangahape, Queen, Mayoral, Greys, Kadimah School
    Notes: Last updated 23 August 2016

School buses from Kadimah College

  • 016 : Kadimah School and Epsom Schools to St Heliers
    Departs: 3:10pm
    Operator: Metrolink
    Serving: Kadimah College
    Route: Greys (Kadimah School), Pitt, Karangahape, Southern Motorway Symonds Street On-ramp, Gillies Avenue Off-ramp, Gillies, Owens, Manukau, Campbell, Market for St Cuthbert's College - Bus waits until 15:35 (stop 137 Market Rd opposite St Cuthbert's, Ranfurly (stop 8260 opposite 19 Ranfurly Rd), Manukau (stop 8707 at 235 Manukau Rd, stop 8703 at 179 Manukau Rd), Clyde, Margot (stop outside Diocesan School), Mt St John, Market, Remuera, St Johns, St Heliers Bay, Maskell, Chesterfield, Rochdale, Riddell Bay, Vale, Tamaki
    Notes: Last updated 30 January 2015