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Auckland Transport

School buses to Milford Primary

  • 041 : Torbay to Westlake Schools
    Departs: 7:40am
    Operator: Metrolink
    Serving: Campbells Bay Primary , Carmel College , Milford Primary , Rangitoto College , Rosmini College , St Johns School , St Josephs (Takapuna) , Takapuna Normal Intermediate , Westlake Boys , Westlake Girls
    Route: Beach (from stop opposite Deep Creek Rd), Bute, Clyde, Browns Bay Shops, Browns Bay, Beach, Sunrise, Murrays Bay Intermediate, East Coast, Rangitoto College, Hastings (for St Johns School at approx 8.10am), Beach, Aberdeen, Campbells Bay Primary, East Coast, Shakespeare, Milford Primary, Carmel College, Taharoto (for Westlake Boys, Westlake Girls, Takapuna Normal Intermediate), Dominion (for St Josephs and Rosmini College at approx 8:45am)
    Notes: Last updated 16 October 2017

School buses from Milford Primary

  • 022 : St Josephs School to Takapuna via Milford and Crown Hill
    Departs: 3:00pm
    Operator: Ritchies
    Serving: Milford Primary , St Josephs (Takapuna) , Takapuna Normal Intermediate
    Route: Dominion (for St Josephs School), Puriri, Karaka, Taharoto, Northcote, Takapuna Normal Intermediate (from bus bay at 3:10pm), Northcote, Taharoto, Shakespeare (from stop opposite Milford Primary at approx 3:15pm), Omana, Inga, Beach, Aberdeen, East Coast, Kitchener, Milford shops (at approx 3:30pm), Kitchener, Hurstmere, Anzac, Lake to Takapuna Transport Centre (at approx 3:40pm)
    Notes: Last updated 13 September 2017
  • 050 : Westlake Schools to Torbay
    Departs: 3:25pm
    Operator: North Star
    Serving: Milford Primary
    Route: Shakespeare Extension (for Westlake Girls & Westlake Boys), Shakespeare (for Carmel College), Milford Primary, Beach, Browns Bay, Clyde, Browns Bay Shops, Bute, Beach to Torbay
    Notes: This bus does not depart from Rosmini College. Rosmini students need to walk to Shakespeare Rd Extension next to the Sound Wall outside Westlake Girls and catch this service. Last updated 4 February 15