Auckland Transport

School buses to Panmure District School

  • 062 : Mt Wellington to Ellerslie/Penrose Schools
    Departs: 8am
    Operator: Metrolink
    Serving: Ellerslie Primary , Panmure District School , Sylvia Park Primary
    Route: Carbine (from corner Allright Pl), Panama, McLennan, Panama, Jolson, Panama, Mt Wellington Highway, Sylvia Park Primary, Panmure District, Ellerslie-Panmure Highway, Great South, Rockfield, One Tree Hill College, Rockfield, Great South, Kalmia, Ellerslie Primary, Main Highway, St Marys School
    Notes: This school bus will be withdrawn at the end of the 2017 school year. For details visit Last updated 10 November 2017.

School buses from Panmure District School

  • 065 : One Tree Hill College to Mt Wellington
    Departs: 3.40pm
    Operator: Metrolink
    Serving: Panmure District School
    Route: One Tree Hill College, Rockfield, Walls, Great South, Penrose, Ruawai, Aranui, Commissariat, Bailey to corner Penrose Rd
    Notes: Last updated 12 August 2013