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Auckland Transport

School buses from Pinehurst School

  • 045 : Westlake Schools to Silverdale
    Departs: 3:20pm
    Operator: North Star
    Serving: Albany Junior High , Albany Senior High , Carmel College , Pinehurst School , Rosmini College , Westlake Boys , Westlake Girls
    Route: Shakespeare (for Carmel College), Shakespeare Extension (for Westlake Girls), Wairau, Forrest Hill (for Westlake Boys), Tristram, Tristram Avenue on-ramp, Northern Motorway, Greville Road off-ramp, Albany Expressway, Bush (for Pinehurst School approx 3:45pm), Rosedale, Albany Highway (outside Kristin School Gate 2 for Albany Junior High students at approx 3:50pm), Albany Highway, Albany Senior High (bus bay at approx 3:55pm), Albany Highway, Albany Expressway, Main North Highway, Wainui, Silverdale.
    Notes: Last updated 16 October 2017