School buses from Pinehurst School

  • 045 : Westlake Schools to Silverdale
    Departs: 3:20pm
    Operator: Go Bus
    Serving: Carmel College , Pinehurst School , Westlake Boys , Westlake Girls
    Route: Carmel College Bus Bay, Shakespeare Road, Wairau Road, Forrest Hill Road to Opposite 53 Forest Hill Road – Westlake Boys, Forest Hill Road, Tristram Avenue, Tristram Onramp Northbound, Northern Motorway, Greville Offramp Northbound, Albany Expressway, Bush Road, Rosedale Road, Albany Highway, Library Lane, Dairy Flat Highway, Hibiscus Coast Highway, Painton Rd, Hibiscus Coast Station Stop D (4984), Hibiscus Coast Highway, Silverdale St, 20 Silverdale St
    Notes: Last updated 11 October 2018.