School buses to St Dominics College

  • 050 : West Harbour to Waitakere Schools and Holy Cross School
    Departs: 7:27am
    Operator: Pavlovich Coachlines
    Serving: Henderson High , Henderson Intermediate , Holy Cross School (Henderson) , Liston College , St Dominics College , Waitakere College
    Route: Hobsonville Rd opp Westpark Dr, Hobsonville Rd, Marina View, Luckens, West Harbour, Moire, Luckens, Hobsonville, Oriel, Moire, Granville, Royal, Makora, Triangle, Waimumu, Don Buck, Universal, Rathgar, Liston College (also for Henderson Intermediate), Rathgar (for Waitakere College), St Dominics College, Rathgar, Swanson, Great North, Alderman, Ratanui, Railside, opposite Henderson Interchange (for Henderson High), View, Lavelle, Holy Cross School
    Notes: Last updated 8 February 2019

School buses from St Dominics College

  • 050 : Waitakere Schools To West Harbour
    Departs: 3:24pm
    Operator: Pavlovich Coachlines
    Serving: Liston College , St Dominics College , Waitakere College
    Route: St Dominic’s Girl’s bus bay (5795), Rathgar Rd, Waitakere College bus bay, Liston College loop, Rathgar Rd, Universal Dr, Don Buck Rd, Waimumu Rd, Triangle Rd, Makora Rd, Royal Rd, Granville Dr, Moire Rd, Luckens Rd, Hobsonville Rd, Oreil Ave, West Harbour Dr, Luckens Rd, Marina View Dr, Hobsonville Rd, 169 Hobsonville Rd (1697)
    Notes: Last updated 14 July 2021