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During Stage 2, 5 stations on the Eastern Line will be closed from 20 March 2023 until January 2024. Stations closed for Stage 1 will reopen. 

This page outlines what is changing, and how we are supporting you with alternative transport choices while KiwiRail complete this work.

Please note that you won't be able to use the AT HOP top up machines at closed stations.

Stage 2 closures

A map of Auckland's rail network during Stage 2 of the Rail Network Rebuild. Seven stations are closed. They are Mount Eden, Ōrākei, Meadowbank, Glen Innes, Panmure, Sylvia Park, and Pukekohe.

The Eastern Line will be closed between Britomart and Ōtāhuhu from 20 March 2023 until January 2024. We're providing alternatives such as rail replacement buses and express services.

These stations will close for Stage 2:

Click on your station name to see alternative transport options.

Getting around when lines are closed

To support KiwiRail through this work, we're providing a range of alternative transport options for all closed stations. These include:

  • Rail replacement buses that follow the Eastern Line train route and stop at the 5 closed stations.
  • Express rail replacement buses direct between Britomart and Panmure, and Britomart and Glen Innes.
  • Re-routing Eastern Line services through the Southern Line, so customers travelling to Britomart between Ōtāhuhu and Manukau can continue to use the train.

Buses will be busier than usual, especially at peak times. To stay informed, download the AT Mobile app and subscribe to alerts for your train lines. You’ll get notified when there are changes to your line and will be able search the best route to your exact destination. You can also phone 09 366 6400 for support from our team.

Eastern Line travel options

Rail bus services from Monday 14 August 2023

There will be 3 rail replacement bus services:

The rail bus Eastern (RBE), which travels between Britomart, all 5 closed stations, and Ōtāhuhu.

Express rail bus services

The rail bus Panmure Express (RBPX), which travels directly between Britomart and Panmure.

The rail bus Glen Innes Express (RBGX), which travels directly between Britomart and Glen Innes.

Eastern Line train services

The Eastern Line train will be re-routed through the Southern Line (via Newmarket)

Upgrades to existing bus services

Existing bus routes 743 and 762 will be upgraded to the higher frequency 74 and 76 routes. The 74 and 76 will follow the same routes as the 743 and 762 buses, only they will be more frequent.

The 76 will connect:

  • Glen Innes, West Tamaki Road, Eastridge, Ōrākei and Briomart.

The 76 will run every 15 minutes from 7am until 7pm, 7 days a week. Buses will run every 20 to 30 minutes outside of those times. Buses will run every 10 minutes at peak times.

The 74 will connect:

  • Onehunga Town Centre, Church Street, Sylvia Park, Panmure, Tripoli Road and Glen Innes.

Your fare will be based on the number of fare zones you travel through. You will not pay more if you need to take a bus (or a train and a bus) to complete your journey.

Changes to other train lines during Stage 2

Onehunga line during Stage 2

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