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Auckland Transport

Rail performance results

Auckland Transport and Transdev keep track of the performance of the rail network and report on a monthly basis - with more than 17 million passenger trips per year taken on the network, we endeavour to make the rail network as punctual as possible. We measure the overall performance of the rail network according to how many scheduled train services reach their destinations and run on time.

Transdev operates rail services on the Auckland Passenger Rail Network for Auckland Transport (AT). Transdev takes its commitment to customers seriously and is working hard to support AT in the upgrading of rail infrastructure and improvement of train reliability.

Since March 2009, Transdev has provided performance results on a line by line basis each month.

Train performance is measured as follows:

  • Punctuality measures the percentage of services arriving at their final destination within 4 minutes and 59 seconds of their scheduled arrival. This is usually referred to as "on time to 5 minutes" and is an international timekeeping standard.
  • Service Delivery measures the percentage of scheduled services that arrive at their final destination.
  • A 12-month rolling average for punctuality and service delivery, and an analysis of significant events affecting performance will also be provided each month.

Performance Results for January 2017:

Total Network
Punctuality: 98.3% 12 Month Rolling Average: 96.7%
Service Delivery: 98.6% 12 Month Rolling Average: 98.7%

Western Line
Punctuality: 98.4% 12 Month Rolling Average: 97.2%
Service Delivery: 98.4% 12 Month Rolling Average: 98.6%

Eastern Line
Punctuality: 97.9% 12 Month Rolling Average: 95.2%
Service Delivery: 98.4% 12 Month Rolling Average: 98.4%

Southern Line
Punctuality: 98.4% 12 Month Rolling Average: 96.2%
Service Delivery: 98.3% 12 Month Rolling Average: 98.5%

Pukekohe Line
Punctuality: 98.5% 12 Month Rolling Average: 98%
Service Delivery: 99.7% 12 Month Rolling Average: 99.4%

Onehunga Line
Punctuality: 98.9% 12 Month Rolling Average: 98.1%
Service Delivery: 99.1% 12 Month Rolling Average: 98.9%

Monthly performance reporting for January 2017:

Major incidents that affected service performance in January:

  • Infrastructure related matters caused delays to services on four days in the month, the most significant being points failures at Parnell and Britomart caused significant disruption on the network in the PM peak on 12 January; and at the start of the AM peak on 18 January, respectively.
  • Train operator related issue resulted in disruptions on two days in the month, where a fault with the fire alarm at the Britomart temporary facility in the afternoon of the 12 January, resulted in the evacuation of the station and suspension of train services and a train crew matter near Ranui in the evening of the 24 January disrupted services on the Western Line.
  • Train operations were affected by one third party incident, where a trespasser in the Britomart tunnel in the PM peak of the 23 January  caused significant disruptions to services in and out of Britomart.