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How to lock your bike How to lock your bike

With the right equipment and knowledge you can reduce the risk of having your bike stolen. Here are some tips for securely locking your bike.

Use a strong lock

Lock your bike with a good quality, strong D-lock, chain or foldable lock.

Type of lock Quality
Chain lock 6mm+ Good
Folding lock Better
Chain lock 8mm+
D-lock/U-lock Best

Remember - thin spiral cables can be easily cut through so they don’t offer the best protection for your bike.

Chain locks

Chain locks are flexible and are made of solid steel links. They offer good protection and remember, the thicker the better.

Chain lock.

Foldable locks

Foldable locks have flexibility and strength and offer even more protection, plus they can be folded up nice and small.

Foldable lock.


D-locks are made of heavy D-shaped steel bars and offers the best protection. They are worth the investment.


If you don’t have a good quality lock, check out these discounts on bike locks.

How to lock your bike securely

Double secured bike

  1. Lock your bike to a bike rack or a solid object that the lock can't be lifted over.
  2. Put the lock on the back of the bike through the frame and rear wheel.
  3. If you have a second lock, put it on the front - through the frame and front wheel.

More tips for locking your bike

  • Lock your bike in a visible and well-lit area.
  • Remove all detachable accessories from your bike.

AT has a range of bike parking facilities available such as lockers, cages and racks. Find out more about bike parking and gear storage.

Keep a record of your bike serial number

You should keep a record of your bike serial number in the event of your bike being stolen. This can help with claims and getting your bike back. You’ll find the serial number under the bottom bracket, where the pedals join the frame. Read more about recording a bike serial number.

Discounts on bike locks

Shop Locations Discounts Offer valid until Conditions
Torpedo 7 Torpedo7 Manukau
Torpedo7 Mount Wellington
Torpedo7 Newmarket Westfield
Torpedo7 Newmarket Bike
Torpedo7 Westgate
Torpedo7 Albany
Save 47%* off a Torpedo-7 D-lock ($23.64 incl. GST)
Save 29%* off a Kryptonite 585 Folding Lock - 3mm x 85cm ($114.08 incl. GST)
31 December 2021 Show that you have recorded your bike serial number somewhere to be eligible for the discount e.g. Record it on your phone, or on or on a 'record your serial number' card
MEC Bikes Mt Eden - 66 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden
St Heliers - 46 Long Drive, St Heliers
10% off all Abus locks in stock in stores 31 December 2021 Please show this webpage to a staff member in store. Discount not available through their webstore.
BRM Cycles 78 Main Road, Kumeu 20% off 'Magnum Locks' 30 June 2021 No conditions

*Torpedo 7 discounts apply to the original regular price and are not available with any other offer or club member discount.