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Community Bike Fund grant policy Community Bike Fund grant policy

This policy document is to guide the allocation and management of the AT Community Bike Fund. The overall objective of the policy is to provide a framework for the funding grant process for stakeholders.

Last updated: 22 July 2020
First published: October 2017

Introduction and overview

Cycling in Auckland is a key contributor to improving travel options and increasing reliability across the transport network. Auckland Transport (AT), Auckland Council (AC) and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) are working together to create a future where everyone can feel comfortable riding a bike.

Together we are building a network of cycleways to connect people with their local town centres, places of education and work, and friends and whānau. Alongside this work we are delivering a programme of community events, training courses, engagement activities and initiatives to support and encourage people to take up cycling.

The AT Community Bike Fund will be administered by Auckland Council, online through SmartyGrants.

Fund purpose

The AT Community Bike Fund supports communities and groups to deliver activities, events and projects that encourage more people to ride bikes more often in Auckland, especially new riders. It is part of AT's commitment to support and promote cycling as a transport choice.

The fund was established in recognition of the many benefits that arise from supporting a range of independent groups and organisations who share our objectives and have the networks and expertise to deliver on them. Through the fund, we hope to support organisations and interest groups who can incorporate and encourage cycling in their projects and activities, whether the group has a cycling focus or not. By supporting these groups, we enable greater efficiencies and effectiveness and generate a wider programme reach.

Recently, the changes to our urban environments and lifestyles due to the COVID-19 lockdown has accelerated enthusiasm for cycling with some locations seeing a 200% increase in cycle traffic despite the lack of commuters during lockdown. This fund will help communities to build on and help maintain this cycling culture.

Fund outcomes

With this fund, AT aims to:

  • encourage and support people new to riding a bike.
  • further normalise cycling as a viable mode of transport.
  • support initiatives that showcase cycleways and shared paths to local people.
  • support an increase in cycle safety.
  • encourage community collaboration and partnerships via bikes.
  • encourage everyday journeys by bike.
  • empower groups to champion cycling within their community.

Fund budget

Budget available for the AT Community Bike Fund in the 2020/21 financial year is $50,000. Groups can apply for grants between $300 (minimum amount per application) to $5,000 (maximum per application).

Purpose of grant policy

The purpose of this policy document is to guide the allocation and management of the AT Community Bike Fund. It provides a grant process framework for the following stakeholders and communities:

  • Community members and groups seeking grant funding, this document will provide clear guidance about AT's intentions, priorities and processes with regards to the AT Community Bike Fund.

  • AT management and staff, this document will provide guidance on: provision of high-quality customer service and advice, ensuring good use of grant funds, integrating funded activities into the wider cycling programme, and evaluating the benefits of the Community Bike Fund.

Scope and eligibility

Applicants eligible to apply

The grant is open to applicants who are delivering Auckland based projects and events.

Applications are invited from not-for-profit, incorporated societies, charitable and voluntary organisations who:

  • have a project idea that will meet the fund outcomes (as listed above),
  • align with what we will fund (listed below),
  • and have the capability and resources to achieve the proposed project and outcomes.

Groups who do not have a formal legal structure must partner with an umbrella organisation that does have legal status, to be legally accountable for the grant. Umbrella organisations must give their consent prior to groups submitting their application and include a letter of support in the application.

Applicants not eligible to apply

The AT Community Bike Fund is not available to:

  • political parties.
  • commercial entities e.g. limited liability companies, for-profit companies.
  • schools.
  • business associations.
  • Auckland Council, Local Boards and Council Controlled Organisations.
  • groups applying to run projects outside the Auckland area.

What we will fund

Funding is available for community-focused projects and events that align with the fund outcomes. For example, projects that encourage the uptake of cycling as a transport choice, safe cycling practices, or use of shared paths and cycleways.

The fund can be used for three activity types:

  • Community events, activities or projects.
  • Programmes that encourage the safe use of the Auckland cycle network.
  • The development of community focused cycling information and resources.

The grant will cover the following project costs:

  • Event or project expenses such as venue hire, equipment hire, instructor fees, limited catering (excluding alcoholic beverages),
  • and marketing, advertising and printing costs.

Projects and events must be delivered before 30 June 2021, or the funds will be returned.

Applicants will be required to provide an overview of the project costs that they are applying to have covered by the grant. The applicant should also detail any contributions to the project being made by them or other contributors. This may include things such as other grants, sponsorship, the applicant's own cash reserves, volunteer labour, donated materials and donated professional services.

What we won’t fund

The following activities will not be funded by the AT Community Bike Fund:

  • Member-only events, social functions, prize-givings or awards ceremonies.
  • Anything that leads to personal or commercial gain.
  • Professional or organised competitive club sporting events.
  • School-related events.
  • Activities or services that are delivered by AT, AC or NZTA.
  • Projects or events that have already happened.

The following items are specifically excluded from the AT Community Bike Fund:

  • Capital purchases of equipment (including the purchase of bikes), the building or maintenance of facilities/buildings or infrastructure.
  • Permanent or fixed bike parking.
  • Purchase of alcohol.
  • Uniforms, travel or accommodation expenses.
  • Organisation running costs such as rent, administration, salaries or wages, utilities, debt servicing, legal expenses.
  • Retrospective costs for activities or projects.

Assessment, Prioritisation and Notification

Grants will be awarded through a contestable process during 2020/21. Applicants will complete an online application form. An AT Community Bike Fund evaluation committee, consisting of a minimum of three AT staff, will assess each application, make allocation recommendations, and set any grant conditions based on the proposal’s merit and alignment with AT’s cycling priorities.

During the assessment and prioritisation of a grant application, the evaluation committee will consider whether the applicant has:

  • clearly defined the purpose and details of their project or activity.
  • made a compelling case for how their proposal aligns with fund outcomes and what we will fund.
  • identified exactly how the grant would be spent.
  • shown understanding of who the target audience is for their project and that they have the appropriate networks, experience or profile to be able to access this group.
  • the capability and capacity to deliver the project to an appropriate standard, meet all health and safety requirements and complete post project report.

The committee will also consider applicants historical ability to complete previous projects.

Due to limited funds, not all applications may be approved. In some cases, AT may only provide part funding as a contribution to an applicant’s project.

Applications that are unclear or lack detail will not be considered.

Groups will be notified on the outcome of their application approximately four weeks following the grant closing date. Payment will be made to successful applicants approximately five weeks following the grant closing date. Groups must ensure the project for which they are seeking funding, does not fall within this time for their application to be considered.

Applicants may apply for grants from a minimum of $300 to a maximum of $5,000. Funding will be paid in one lump sum.

All projects must be delivered by 30 June 2021.

Support for applicants

AT staff will be available to provide advice to groups to ensure an appropriate quality of application, guidance with shaping applications to best align with grant aims and to answer any questions regarding eligibility or criteria.

It is recommended your group contact AT staff for guidance on your application, before making a submission.

Funding obligations

Appropriate outcomes for the level of funding AT provide will be negotiated with recipients, and any special conditions for how the grant can be spent will be reflected in the service level funding agreement.

Failure to report adequately or meet the requirements of the service level funding agreement may result in a group being considered ineligible for any future funding.

All recipients will be obligated to:

  • sign a funding agreement with Auckland Council (who are administering the grant on behalf of Auckland Transport) and meet the terms and conditions,
  • meet all Health and Safety requirements as per the agreement,
  • submit an accountability report at the end of their project, including receipts and photos with media consent,
  • return any unspent portion of the grant,
  • seek approval from AT of any potential changes to project or event delivery, prior to spend,
  • and acknowledge AT’s contribution to the activity that is being funded, by word or logo on advertising material, as per the funding agreement.


22 July 2020

Updated list of applicants not eligible to apply.

10 July 2020

Updated AT Community Bike Fund policy published.

21 August 2019

Updated AT Community Bike Fund policy published.

20 August 2019

Updated AT Community Bike Fund policy published.

26 November 2018

Updated AT Community Bike Fund policy published.

7 March 2018

Updated AT Community Bike Fund policy published.

30 October 2017

AT Community Bike Fund policy published.