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Central Auckland walking routes

Walking is a great way to get exercise that is convenient, easy and cost free.

Even 30 minutes exercise a day can help you on your way to becoming healthier and feeling great. You’ll never be late to work because you’re stuck in traffic or couldn’t find a car park.

Short distance car trips generate the most pollution per km travelled. Avoiding the short trips by walking is a great way to help the environment.

Getting around central Auckland

Walking 294

Ponsonby, Herne Bay, Wynyard Quarter to the city

Make your way to work by foot from Ponsonby, Herne Bay or Wynyard Quarter through to the city.

Auckland Mteden Low

Kingsland, Mt Eden to the city

Walk to work from Mt Eden or Kingsland through to the city with our maps.

Walk To Work 294

Parnell, Newmarket to the city

Make your way to work by foot from Parnell or Newmarket through to the city.

Walking Resized Macro

Remuera, Newmarket, Epsom to the city

Walk to work from Remuera, Newmarket or Epsom into the city.

Walking City 294

Westmere, Grey Lynn to the city

Make your way to work by foot from Westmere or Grey Lynn through to the city.

Central Auckland walking routes map


Central Auckland suburbs walking times

Map showing approximate walking times in the inner Auckland suburbs

Walking safety

Before you get walking here’s a few things we’d like you to think about:

  • Stay tuned to the environment
    If you’re using a device while walking, keep one ear open to the environment, and an eye on what’s happening around you.
  • Check before crossing the road
    Even if you’re on a crossing look around before you step out onto the road. 
  • Be visible especially at night
    It can be harder for motorists to see you in the dark. Consider choosing clothing with a light or bright features or something reflective.

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