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Onehunga to Mangere Bridge shared path Onehunga to Mangere

Waikaraka Cycleway Onehunga to Mangere Bridge and Ambury Farm Park

The ride includes paths on both sides of the Manukau Harbour connected by the old Mangere Bridge. It provides a great weekend outing for families and adults alike. It’s completely flat (almost), has interesting stops along the way and stunning views.

Mangere Bridge Cycling

  • 7km paved route.
  • About 40 minutes.
  • Flat.
  • Off-road.

Onehunga to Mangere Bridge cycle ride map

Onehunga to Mangere Bridge cycle ride

More about this route

Centred on the old Mangere Bridge, this ride is in two parts connected by the old Mangere Bridge. On the Onehunga side, 4km of concrete path hugs the Upper Manukau Harbour and passes alongside the Waikaraka cemetery. The wide path has a smooth concrete surface that makes cycling easy.

The old bridge is a popular fishing spot open only to pedestrians and cyclists. Once over the bridge, the route goes through the Kiwi Esplanade Reserve where the path continues around the shoreline.

This section of the path is narrow so ride slowly and give way to pedestrians. The route ends at a gate to Ambury Farm Park, a perfect place for a picnic and an opportunity for the kids to see the farm animals. To extend this ride, continue cycling through the park where there are other paths to explore including the Watercare Coastal Walkway with bird sanctuaries, the Mangere lagoon and a rugged shoreline. The paths here are gravel so not suitable for road bikes.

The ride can be accessed from the Onehunga train station. A short walk from the station down Onehunga Mall will take you to the Waikaraka cycleway.


  • Stunning harbour views.
  • Bird nesting site.
  • Connects to Ambury Farm Park.


  • Playground.
  • Shops and Cafes.
  • Toilets.
  • Link to the Onehunga Train Station.

Share the path

  • Slower traffic has right of way.
  • Please be courteous towards other path users.
  • Ring your bell before passing.
  • Remember to smile, wave and have a good time.
  • Ride on the left and pass on the right.