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Pakuranga Rotary shared path Pakuranga Rotary shared path

This shared path, originally created by the local Rotary clubs and Manukau City Council offers a smooth flat ride with great views of the Tamaki River. 

Rotary shared path

  • 9km fully paved route.
  • About 40 minutes.
  • Flat and entirely off the road.
  • Well signposted.
  • Great for families.

Pakuranga Rotary shared path map

Pakuranga Rotary shared path map

More about this route

The Pakuranga Rotary shared path is a very popular walk or ride stretching 9km from Prince Regent Drive in Farm Cove to the Panmure Bridge. The path weaves past the Pakuranga Sailing Club and offers great views up and down the Tamaki River. The ride is well sign-posted and information panels provide historical information about the area. There are lots of picnic spots along the path, which is also home to the local favourite ‘snake’ playground.

The route can be accessed from many local roads in the area by connecting paths. The Half Moon Bay ferry is also only a short ride away using quiet roads. 


  • Fantastic views of the Tamaki River.
  • Giant snakes and ladders game on the hillside for kids to play.
  • Information panels explaining the historic and environmental features.


  • Playgrounds.
  • Toilets.
  • Links to Half Moon Bay ferry.

Share the path

  • Slower traffic has right of way.
  • Please be courteous towards other path users.
  • Ring your bell before passing.
  • Remember to smile, wave and have a good time.
  • Ride on the left and pass on the right.