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Te Ara Tahuna Estuary shared path Te Ara Tahuna Estuary shared path

Te Ara Tahuna Pathway provides an excellent ride for people new to cycling, or riding with children on bikes or scooters. 

It is easily accessed from Western Reserve, 40 minutes drive north from Auckland centre. It makes for a great day out and especially if combined with time at the beach or shops. The path features tributes to the estuary's past as a significant food gathering place for Maori.

Te Ara Tahuna Estuary cycle and walkway

  • 7.6 km.
  • About 40 minutes.

Orewa cycleway map

Orewa cycleway map

More about this route

The route offers a variety of environments, from the beach and estuary, to quiet residential and park areas, and through bush trails. It’s a great ride for spotting birds and plants.

It is one of the most popular off-road paths in Auckland. On a busy day several hundred people use the path, so a bell is important when passing.  It is easy to ride to from surrounding suburbs, or drive and park at Western Reserve.  

  • Car park at Western Reserve, Hibiscus Coast Highway.
  • 7.5 km off road path.
  • Easy to ride, mainly flat and mostly sealed.
  • Lighting and signs along the route.


  • A great circuit.
  • Beside the water and through parks.
  • Close to Orewa Beach for swimming.
  • Maori carvings on the path illustrate the estuary's cultural and historical significance.


  • Skate park.
  • Toilets and drinking water.
  • Links to schools & residential areas.
  • Café at Western Reserve.
  • Motor camp nearby.

Share the path

  • Please be courteous towards other path users.
  • Ring your bell before passing.
  • Remember to smile, wave and have a good time.