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Te Araroa trail - North Shore Te Araroa trail - North Shore

Enjoy the seaside by walking part, or all, of North Shore's beautiful coastline on the Te Araroa trail.

This 23-km urban walk takes you from Long Bay in the north to Devonport in the south, where you can catch a Fullers ferry to Downtown Auckland and link with Auckland’s coast to coast walk.

About the walk

Te Araroa logos, markers on posts, and small fingerboards on poles mark the all-tide route. This route follows cliff top tracks, pedestrian shortcuts, steps and footpaths.

At low tide only, it is possible to walk almost all the way on the shoreline, but rocks may be very slippery and unstable underfoot, and there are high unstable cliffs above you.

You will need to take careful note of the time of low tide, as there are several points where you can be cut off by the rising water.

If you want to walk the whole way during one low tide, prepare to do some wading. Alternatively, break the walk part way, and complete it at low tide the following day.

All walkers must come inshore between Castor Bay Esplanade and Milford Beach to cross Wairau Creek on the Inga Road bridge. There is no foreshore route between these two beaches. Wairau Creek cannot be safely forded at any stage of the tide.

Walk facts

Te Araroa trail sign

Length: Twenty-three kilometres from Long Bay to Devonport

Walking time: Seven hours

Track standard: A mix of suburban footpath, steep paths and steps, with some slippery and uneven surfaces and unstable rocks.

Equipment: Wear comfortable clothes and strong walking shoes, carry water, snacks, raincoat, sunscreen and hat. There are cafes and dairies en route.

Caution: Parts of the signed route are very steep. There are steps and narrow grassy tracks which may become slippery in wet weather.

On the coastal route many sections involve boulder-hopping. Rocks may be unstable or slippery, and there is the danger of falling rocks from the cliffs above.

It is easy to be cut off by the rising tide without any way up the cliffs. If you are unsure of the state of the tide, please follow the signed all-tide route.

Report damage: Please report any track hazards or sign damage to Auckland Transport.

Route details

Long Bay to Torbay

From Long Bay, near Marine Education Recreation Centre at the bottom of Beach Road, head up the Oneroa Track to Cliff Road. Go down Cliff Road to Rewi Street, turn left into Rock Isle Road, right into Waiake Street, left onto Beach Road and head down to Waiake Beach (Torbay).

Torbay to Browns Bay

Walk along the Waiake beachfront at Torbay, go up Beach Road a little way and turn left into Sharon Road. At the end of Sharon Road, follow the Lotus Walk down to Manly Esplanade and Browns Bay Beach.

Browns Bay to Rothesay Bay

​At the southern end of Browns Bay Beach follow the concrete path to the footbridge, which leads round onto the North Shore City Cliff Top Walkway, up the steps to Beechwood Road, past Dan Jones Bluff and down to Rothesay Bay.

Rothesay Bay to Murrays Bay

Coming out of the Cliff Top Walkway at Rothesay Bay, follow the path across the footbridge, through the reserve, and up into Rothesay Bay Road. From there turn left into Churchill Road, and just before the road curves right, head down Gumdiggers Trail and onto the Cliff Top Walkway, to emerge on Murrays Bay Reserve.

Murrays Bay to Mairangi Bay

​From the reserve at the northern end of Murrays Bay, walk along the beachfront and then up the steps to the Cliff Top Walkway at the southern end of the beach. This leads up and over, to come out on Mairangi Bay beachfront.

​Mairangi Bay to Campbells Bay

​From Mairangi Bay Beach head up Forde Way to Whitby Crescent. Turn left into Whitby and a little way along find Te Araroa signs pointing up Sea Dog Alley to View Road. Head left down View Road until you reach the Possum Ladder track on the left. This will take you down to Campbells Bay.

Campbells Bay to Castor Bay

​Walk along Campbells Bay Beach, and up Huntly Road to Beach Road. Stay on Beach Road as far as JF Kennedy Memorial Park. Go through the park to the eastern edge and follow the track through to Rahopara Historic Reserve. From here take the path down to Castor Bay Reserve.

​Castor Bay to Milford

From The Esplanade at Castor Bay there is no access, at any time of the tide, around the beach to Milford. Wairau Creek cannot be safely forded.

At the southern end of Castor Bay Esplanade turn right along the concrete path, and follow it left to climb the steps between the houses, emerging on Beach Road at the top of the hill. From there go down to Inga Road, and across the road bridge over Wairau Creek. Turn left into Omana Road, left again into Craig Road and go round to the end of Craig Road and onto Milford beach.
 ​Milford to Takapuna

​You can walk all the way along the beach and rocks from the northern end of Milford Beach to the southern end of Takapuna Beach.

Between Milford Beach and Takapuna Beach the route follows the North Shore heritage trail, Takapuna-Milford Walk and crosses private property, thanks to the owners’ goodwill. Please respect the environment and the privacy of local residents, and do not trespass on private property outside the described route. The pathway in this area is not properly constructed so please take care.

Neither Auckland Council, Te Araroa Trust, nor the private property owners accept any responsibility for any loss, damage or injury to you or your property arising from your use of this walkway.

​Takapuna to Devonport

​From the southern end of Takapuna Beach, head up Clifton Road to Lake Road. Walk down past Takapuna Grammar School and Belmont Intermediate School, turn left into Winscombe Road, and then right along Seacliffe Avenue and Hamana Street.

At Old Lake Road, turn left to reach Narrow Neck Beach. From the southern end of the beach follow Vauxhall Road up and over, down to Bath Street on your left. At Bath Street turn left to reach Cheltenham Beach and walk along the sand as far as Cheltenham Road.

You may leave the beach at Cheltenham Road, and walk straight through to Devonport, or you may go to the end of the beach and up North Head to come down Takarunga Road. Then head left along King Edward Parade to finish at Devonport Wharf. From here, ferries leave regularly for downtown Auckland.

About Te Araroa Trust

Te Araroa Trust was formed by a small group of enthusiasts to pursue the goal of a New Zealand hiking trail from Cape Reinga to Bluff - a total distance of 2,920 km.

Te Araroa trail was officially opened on 3 December 2011.