Auckland Transport

Bike parking

AT provides facilities to secure your bike while you're out cycling around Auckland.

Places to park your bike in Auckland

Bike parking near ferry, bus, train stations

Bike parking near Britomart

Bike parking is located near the Britomart Transport Centre at:

  • Pier 1 in the Downtown Ferry Terminal (covered).
  • Queens Wharf (uncovered).
  • Behind the Britomart Transport Centre (uncovered).
  • Queen Elizabeth Square (covered and uncovered).
  • Corner Tyler Street and Commerce Street (uncovered).
  • Downtown car park Building (covered).

Auckland Council city service centres

  • Civic Service Centre.
  • Graham St Service Centre.
  • Waiheke Service Centre.


  • Auckland Central and community libraries.

Community centres and community halls 

  • Dunkirk Activity Centre.
  • Ferndale House (Mt Albert).
  • Glendowie Community Hall.
  • Jack Dicky Hall (Greenlane).
  • May Rd War Memorial Hall.
  • Mt Roskill Community Centre.
  • Panmure Community Centre.
  • Ponsonby Community Centre.

Recreation facilities

  • Auckland Domain (outside War Memorial Museum).
  • Jordan Recreation Centre.
  • Mission Bay.
  • Mt Albert Recreation Centre.
  • Olympic Pool (Newmarket).
  • Victoria Park skate park.

Central city area

  • Bledisloe House (1 outside Tourist Information and 3 outside the post office).
  • Corner of Chancery Street and O’Connell Street.
  • Elliot Street (Darby Street intersection) .
  • New Gallery.
  • Queen Elizabeth Square (outside the old Post Office building).
  • Queen Street (Tower Centre near Customs Street).
  • Swanston Street.
  • Viaduct Harbour.
  • Victoria Street (Queen Street intersection).
  • Vulcan Lane.
  • Wakefield Street Art Gallery. 
  • Wellesley Street (near intersection with Queen Street).

Bike parking in Ponsonby

AT has developed its first bike corral on Ponsonby Road. This is a on-street bike parking facility and has the capacity for 10 bikes at any one time.

Providing an on-street bike corral enables secure and convenient bike parking. It means that the footpath capacity is maintained and de-clutters the area. 

AT engages with the Waitemata Local Board and Ponsonby Business Association on decisions made.

How to lock your bike securely

With the right equipment and knowledge you can reduce the risk having your bike stolen. Here are some helpful tips for locking your bike:

  • If available, always secure your bike to a purpose built bike rack.
  • Lock your bike in a visible and well-lit area.
  • Do not always lock your bike in the same location.
  • If you have a quick-release wheel, always double check that you have locked the wheel.
  • Remove all detachable accessories from your bike.

Double lock your bike

Double secured bike

Using 2 locks to secure your bike makes it significantly less attractive target for a thief. To do this:

  1. Use two different types of locks, a D-lock and cable lock is a common combination.
  2. Put the first lock on the back of the bike through the frame and then through the rear wheel.
  3. Put the second lock on the front through the frame and the front wheel.

AT has a range of bike parking facilities available such as lockers, cages and racks.

If your bike is stolen

If your bike is stolen report this to your local police station.

Having a record of the serial number from your bike will assist the NZ Police in returning your bike to you if recovered. You can record these details online at: 

Diagram showing where the serial number can be found on your bike

Diagram showing where the serial number can be found on your bike