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Urban bike skills Urban bike skills

The Urban bike Skills course is an introduction to riding safely in the suburbs for adults. Embarking on shared paths and quiet roads, this course will introduce you to what’s available by bike in each area.

Have you been to one of our bike skills drop-in sessions, or do you want to take your riding to the next level exploring cycle routes and learning safe road skills in your suburb?

We have planned a 4 hour course, starting in school grounds where we can practice some basic skills before heading out to explore the local area by bike.

We’ll be going through how to choose safe routes, bike handling skills and communicating with other road/path users. By the end of the session you can expect to have learned some skills that you can use anywhere you ride in urban Auckland.

Course numbers are very limited, working in small groups to ensure our instructors can build your personal confidence. Find out about the Grade 2 course available for those wanting to advance to the next level.

When and where

Urban bike skills courses

  • Saturday 16 February 2019, 9am to 1pm - Lloyd Elsmore Park.
  • Saturday 23 February 2019, 9am to 1pm - Bayswater.
  • Saturday 16 March 2019, 9am to 1pm - New Lynn.
  • Saturday 23 March 2019, 9am to 1pm - Grey Lynn.

Grade 2 course

The Urban bike skills course is created for adults who are currently riding 'off road' i.e. cycle path or playground, and would like to feel confident riding on quiet roads.

If you feel that you are beyond the entry level for this course we have a follow up Grade 2 course aimed at those comfortable on quiet roads which may be more suitable to build your skills.

  • Sunday 24 March 2019, 9am to 1pm – Waterview (Grade 2).

Skills required

You need to be:

  • over 16 years old.
  • able to ride a bike.
  • able to ride with one hand for at least 3 seconds (so you can signal turns)
  • comfortable with looking behind you while riding.

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