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Auckland Central City cycle map Auckland Central City cycle map

View or download a map of the cycleways in the central Auckland area. You can also pick up a pocket-sized, fold-up map from selected locations.

Auckland Central City Cycle Map

Download the Auckland Central City cycle map (PDF 622KB).

About the map

The map shows the cycle network in and around the central city area. We will update it regularly as new parts of the network are finished.

To help you plan your ride and know what to expect, each colour on the map represents a different type of facility (as shown in the legend):

  • Thicker lines show the main routes of major cycleways.
  • Thinner lines show facilities that are more local in nature or minor routes or connections.
  • Purple dotted lines labelled ‘traffic-calmed street’ show shared spaces and parts of cycle routes that are good for cycling, but are shared with cars. Most people will feel comfortable cycling on these roads as they have few cars and have been designed for low speeds.
  • Green lines show paths that are shared with pedestrians. Keep left on these paths and pass pedestrians or slower cyclists with care on the right. Use a bell to warn others of your approach.

Pick up a pocket-sized fold-up map


Find a cycle map stockist where you can pick up your pocket-sized, fold-up Auckland Central City cycle map.

Routes featured in the map

For more information and details about the routes featured in the Auckland Central City cycle map visit:

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