Strike action scheduled for next week involving drivers for NZ Bus has been withdrawn by First Union and Tramways Union.

However, drivers will meet on Tuesday (24 April) to ratify the settlement to the dispute. This meeting means NZ Bus services will be cancelled after morning peak. Services on Tuesday will be disrupted between 9:30am and 2:30pm, some services immediately before or after this could also be affected.

Bus services run by other operators are not affected and train and ferry services will run as usual on Tuesday.

Auckland Transport would like to thank our customers for their patience.

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Beach Road cycleway Beach Road cycleway

Beach Road cycleway is Auckland’s first two-way separated cycleway along Beach Road and Mahuhu Crescent in Central Auckland.

Note: Please be aware of works on Beach Road by the intersection with Churchill Street affecting the Beach Road cycleway. Cyclists please slow down and follow any diversions in place around the area.

Route information

Details of the route

Commuter and sport cyclist on the Beach Road cycleway

  • 1.5km two-way dedicated cycleway (and 3m wide).
  • Separated from traffic.
  • About 5 to 7 minutes by bike.
  • Flat
  • The cycleway crosses from the south to north side of Beach Road at the Te Taou Crescent intersection with traffic lights for cyclists to cross diagonally.

More about this route

The Beach Road two-way cycleway is physically separated from traffic, providing a safe and convenient route for people on bikes to access the city centre.

It was a flagship cycling project that formed an important link in the Auckland Cycle Network.

How to get there

  • There is a single cycle lane on Beach Road from the intersection with Stanley Street to the beginning of the two-way cycleway at the intersection of Beach Road and Churchhill Street.
  • Access from the shared path along Churchhill Street. Use this access when coming from Grafton Gully Cycleway (crossing over Alten Road).
  • Access from Tapora Street and Mahuhu Crescent. You can use this access when coming from Quay Street Cycleway.
  • Access from the shared path along Britomart Place. You can use this access when coming from Quay Street Cycleway.

Who can use this route

  • Cyclists.
  • Along Beach Road between Mahuhu Crescent and Britomart Place is a shared space with pedestrians.

Using the cycleway and shared spaces

Leisure cyclist on Beach Road cycleway

  • Cyclists:
    • Keep to the left and be aware of other road users.
    • Overtake slower moving cyclists on the right and only when the way is clear.
    • There are traffic lights at the intersection of Beach Road and Te Taou Crescent. Cross diagonally when the green cycle symbol is lit to continue on the cycleway.
    • On days when Mahuhu Crescent is closed to cars for events at Spark Arena, the cycleway will remain open for cyclists to use.
    • Please ride slowly and with care if you notice pedestrians who might be crossing the cycleway or when on the shared space on Beach Road between Mahuhu Crescent and Britomart Place.
  • Pedestrians:
    • When crossing the cycleway, remember to look both ways for cyclists travelling in both directions.

Features and highlights

  • Mahuhu ki te Rangi park on Mahuhu Crescent.
  • Te Taou Reserve and the old Downtown Railway Station on Te Taou Crescent.

Facilities on route

  • Bike parking located on Beach Road by the corner of Tangihua Street.
  • Bike parking, rubbish bin and drinking water are located on Beach Road opposite Anzac Avenue.
  • Seating areas along Beach Road.
  • Bike racks are also located on Britomart Place.


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