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Cascades shared path Cascades shared path

Shared path for cyclists and pedestrians between Meadowland Drive in Somerville (near Botany Downs) and Lloyd Elsmore Park, Pakuranga in East Auckland.

Cascade shared path cycleway map

Download the Cascades shared path map (JPG 394KB)

Route information

Details of the route

  • Meadowland Reserve to Highland Park:
    • 7km approximately, mostly paved, shared off-road.
    • About 30-40 minutes by bike.
    • About 1 hour and 30 minutes walking.
  • Easy, flat concrete path for almost the entire route.
  • Family-friendly recreational walk or ride.
  • Side paths to Golflands & Botany Downs.

More about the route

There is a short gravel section leading to the Hattaway Bridge and along the Historic Scoria Slab Road. There are two tunnels and an underpass, cyclists slow down upon approach and mind the height.

Scoria Slab Road

The Historic Scoria Slab Road after crossing the Hattaway Bridge travelling towards Lloyd Elsmore Park.

Tunnel - Whitford Road

The tunnel under Whitford Road when travelling from Meadowland. Cyclists slow down upon approach and mind the height or take the path leading to the road and cross over Whitford Road.

Tunnel - Aviemore Drive

The tunnel under Aviemore Drive when travelling towards Meadowland. Cyclists slow down upon approach and mind the height.

Botany Road bridge underpass

Underpass below the Botany Road bridge when travelling towards Millhouse Reserve.

Please note: to take the path towards Meadowlands Reserve from this point, you will need to cross over to the other side of the water. Cyclists will need to take the path to the road to cross Botany Road and change to the path on the opposite side, same will apply when travelling from Meadowlands to Lloyd Elsmore Park/Highland Park. Check the Cascades shared path map for details.

How to get there

There are numerous points to join the Cascades shared path between Meadowland and Millhouse Reserves and Lloyd Elsmore Park.

Places in Meadowland to join the shared path

  • Opposite 122 Meadowland Drive.
  • Walkway between 38 and 40 Edendale Road.
  • Gooch Place cul-de-sac.
  • Near 90 and 91 Whitford Road.
  • Near 49 Kurnell Drive.
  • Kyeemagh Street opposite La Perouse Street.

Places around Millhouse Reserve to join the shared path

  • Walkway between 58 and 60 Mirrabooka Avenue.
  • Walkway near 12A Windsong Court.
  • Daria Place cul-de-sac.
  • Kallaroo Place cul-de-sac.
  • Emma Court cul-de-sac.
  • Kookaburra Place cul-de-sac.
  • Billabong Place cul-de-sac.
  • Parramatta Place cul-de-sac.
  • Botany Road bridge.
  • Pinewood Grove cul-de-sac.
  • Sheffield Place cul-de-sac.
  • Opposite 3 Lexington Drive.
  • Opposite 17 Channing Crescent.
  • Opposite 60 Gosford Drive.
  • Coubray Place cul-de-sac.
  • Headcorn Place cul-de-sac.
  • Bernie Edwards Place cul-de-sac.
  • Marbeth Court cul-de-sac.

Places around Lloyd Elsmore Park to join the shared path

  • Opposite 7 Lochend Place.
  • Near 196 Cascades Road.
  • Near 15 Burswood Drive.
  • Kenwick Place cul-de-sac.
  • Walkway between 58 and 60 De Quincey Terrace.
  • Walkway between 33 and 35 De Quincey Terrace. Note: this access contains some steps.
  • Opposite 94 Aviemore Drive.

Who can use this route

  • Cyclists.
  • Pedestrians.
  • Dogs off leash under control. No dogs are permitted within 10 metres of sports fields or play equipment. Always check signage or visit the Auckland Council website.

Share the path

Shared path on Meadowland Drive

  • Meadowland Drive has a shared path alongside the road (on the same side of the road as Meadowland Reserve) and goes between the intersection with Sandspit Road and the access point (to the Cascades shared path) located opposite 122 Meadowland Drive.
  • Please be courteous towards other path users.
  • Cyclists ring your bell before passing.
  • Remember to smile, wave and have a good time.

Features and highlights

Cascades waterfall lookout

  • Lookout over the Cascades Waterfall.

Hattaway Bridge

  • Historic Hattaway Bridge travelling towards Lloyd Elsmore Park (Scoria Slab Road located on the other side of the bridge).
  • The Rotary Centennial Bike Trail runs 1.2km through the Lloyd Elsmore Park. The trail is designed to help kids learn to ride and improve their bike skills. Each of the challenge sections has an alternative easy route and there are jumps and seesaws to practice on.
  • Scenic route through parks.
  • Howick Historical Village.

Facilities on route

  • Fitness circuit, playground and toilets (by softball fields) in Meadowland Reserve.
  • Bike parking in Meadowland are located:
    • on the side and entrance to the Howick Squash club,
    • next to bus stop 6205 at 119 Meadowland Drive,
    • and on the corner of Gooch Place and Meadowland Drive.
  • Playground located opposite 60 Gosford Drive.
  • Toilets and basketball hoop in Millhouse Reserve.
  • Bike parking is located next to bus stop 2029 at 159 Botany Road.
  • Playground and toilets off Lady Marie Drive in Lloyd Elsmore Park.
  • Lloyd Elsmore Park Pool and Leisure Centre with an outdoor splash pad for kids.
  • Bike parking is located by the entrance to the Lloyd Elsmore Park Pool and Leisure Centre.


  • Meadowlands Plaza.
  • Pakuranga Golf Course.
  • Pakuranga College.
  • Highland Park Shopping Centre.

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