Bayswater Avenue Cycleway Project Bayswater Avenue Cycleway Project

Safety improvements for pedestrians and people on bikes coming soon

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Why we're making these improvements

Concerns from the community about the safety of people on bikes and pedestrians on Bayswater Avenue in Bayswater have led to a plan to improve the road between Belmont town centre and the Marine Terrace roundabout near the Bayswater ferry terminal. 

There is particular concern about the safety of children cycling to Bayswater Primary School, which has a high number of pupils riding each day. There are also large numbers of children cycling to Belmont Intermediate and Takapuna Grammar School.

The cycleway has always been planned as part of the larger Lake Road Improvement Project in the Devonport-Takapuna lower peninsula area. Funding from Auckland Council means the cycleway can be separated out and the work accelerated. 

What the improvements include

The Bayswater Avenue Cycleway project will bring improvements including:

  • a separated bi-directional cycleway 
  • improved footpaths
  • traffic-calming speed measures.

A diagram showing a cross-section of the proposed Bayswater Avenue Cycleway. To the left of the image, two pedestrians can be seen.  They are on the existing footway. There will then be space for parking, and then an eastbound and a westbound lane on the road for vehicles. There is then a raised cycleway separator and a bi-directioanl cycleway. There will be a kerb and channel between the cycleway and the footway. This side of the footway will be relocated outside the existing kerb.

A representative cross-section of Bayswater Avenue showing the proposed cycleway. Actual spacing will vary depending on the width of the road

We are committed to improving road safety in Devonport-Takapuna. This project will significantly improve safety for those on bikes and scooters and pedestrians.

We will complete the Bayswater Avenue project in 2 stages:

  • The first stage involves a bi-directional, separated cycleway on the Bayswater Primary School / south side of Bayswater Avenue. The cycleway will run between Lake Road in Belmont town centre and Marine Terrace at the south end of Bayswater Avenue. The cycleway will have appropriate road markings and signage.
  • The second stage will involve more permanent infrastructure, including traffic-calming speed tables on side streets and additional road markings and signage.

Artist's impressions 

An artist's impression of a section of the planned Bayswater Avenue cycleway. A school is visible to the left of the image, and a woman and three children can be seen walking along the path away from the viewer. Several people on bikes can be seen cycling in a cycleway next to the pavement. Cars can be seen on the other side of the cycleway, on the road, and houses are on the far side of the street.

Artist's impression of the view from outside the school looking southwest from near the footpath

An artist's impression of a section of the Bayswater Avenue Cycleway project, near the Bowling Club. The Bowling Club can be seen on the left of the building, with people visible walking on the pathway outside of it. People on bikes can be seen cycling on the cycleway that curves alongside the curb in the centre of the image. A bus and cars can be seen driving on the road on the other side of the cycleway.

Artist’s impression of the view from the Bowling Club driveway looking southwest

An artist's impression of a section of the Bayswater Avenue Cycleway Project outside 27 Bayswater Avenue. Houses can be seen on the left of the image, with people walking on the pavement alongside them. A few people on bikes can be seen cycling in a cycleway to the right of the pavement. On the other side of the cycleway is a stretch of road labelled Bayswater Avenue. Parked cars and houses can be seen on the right of the image.

Artist’s impression of the view from outside 27 Bayswater Avenue looking southwest

The Ngā Tiriti Ngangahau - The Vibrant Streets Programme

The first stage of the cycleway project is part of Auckland Council’s Ngā Tiriti Ngangahau (NTN) - The Vibrant Streets Programme. We will deliver this project.

NTN is aligned to Te Tāruke-ā-Tāwhiri: Auckland’s Climate Plan. The plan aims to reduce transport emissions by improving access to active modes (such as cycling or walking) and infrastructure.

NTN is a $3 million, 3 year programme covering 7 projects across Auckland. We are delivering this programme as part of this climate action package. 

In the 2021 to 2031 10-year Budget, Auckland Council allocated $152 million of new spending on climate change initiatives over 10 years.

How these works will affect you

Adding these safety improvements will require re-allocating some road space. 

We'll need to re-allocate the space currently used for parking on the Bayswater Primary School / south side of Bayswater Avenue. Parking on the northern side will be retained. 

As the work progresses, there will also be temporary disruptions to traffic flow on Bayswater Avenue. We will let residents and commuters know about any planned disruptions well ahead of any work. 

Waste removal companies have factored in the need for an extended reach and will be able to collect bins over the cycleway. 

Project history and next steps

Our work so far

Consultation took place in 2020 as part of the Lake Road Project. This piece of the project has now been accelerated, so we'll engage with the public again at various events and locations before the end of 2022.

Next steps

We aim to have a detailed design completed in March or April next year. Once this is ready, we'll present it to the community. We'll then start work on this project and look forward to completing it before the end of 2023.

Project timeline

  • October 2022: Detailed design started
  • 28 October 2022: Project team attends the Bayswater Avenue community Halloween event to show artist impressions and a life-size mock-up of the cycleway. Seeks community feedback.
  • November 2022: Follow-up community engagements with interested groups
  • February 2023: Draft detailed design delivered
  • March to April 2023: Community workshops and internal reviews
  • May 2023: Final detailed design delivered
  • June to July 2023: Construction procurement
  • August 2023: Construction started

If you have questions about this project

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