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Te Poka Pū Paihikara i tēnei Hapori

We will create up to 10 Bike Hubs in the next 3 years as part of Auckland Council's Ngā Tiriti Ngangahau - The Vibrant Streets programme.

Bike Hubs are community-run spaces where people on bikes and people interested in cycling can meet up, learn, fix their bikes up, and ride.

Bike Hubs offer:

  • Information and advice
  • Education
  • Basic bike fixes and tune-ups
  • Resales and gifting of donated bikes
  • Use of tools and space
  • Free events (Usually alongside Bike Burbs or other community groups).

Why we’re doing this work

Auckland Council and AT want to encourage more people to ride a bike when moving around Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland and to make accessing a bike easier for everyone.

It's important that riding a bike is an option for local journeys for all people interested in travelling by active modes.

Ngā Tiriti Ngangahau – The Vibrant Streets is Auckland Council's programme previously known as Regional Streets for People. The programme is aligned to Te Tāruke-ā-Tāwhiri: Auckland’s Climate Plan, which seeks to improve active modes access and infrastructure as part of reducing transport emissions.

Supporting those who ride bikes is an essential part of encouraging more Aucklanders to choose cycling as an option. Building and supporting Bike Hubs is part of that support. That's why we’re working with local communities to build Bike Hubs and offer support, training, and purchasing options for current and future bike riders.

What we are doing

As part of our work, we'll co-design flexible options to meet diverse community needs. We'll also spell out what support the community can expect from us.

A photograph of a man outside a bike hub. He is working on a bicycle that is upside down. A young person is standing near the other wheel of the bicycle and is looking at it. Other bicycles and supplies are visible in the background.

The Community Bike Hubs project was one of 7 projects in the first round of Ngā Tiriti Ngangahau, Auckland Council’s programme previously known as Regional Streets for People. This programme will fund $3 million over 3 years.

The Community Bike Hubs project will identify communities which:

  • Want to have a Bike Hub and have the capacity for one. 
  • Have strong community to support the Hub. This includes locals who would ride to and work at the Hub, and infrastructure that supports safe riding
  • Currently have a physical bike space which we could help them grow if desired. We would clarify what support we could give them and what they would be responsible for providing.

We'll look at different organisational options to operate the Hubs. Any group operating a Hub will need to show strong governance ability and be a legal entity.

We'll work with local communities to choose the right structure for each Hub. They'll usually be built in shipping containers. We'll also help buy and set up the Hubs. This will include getting permission from landowners and any consents that they might need.

We'll develop a unified communications, marketing, and branding approach around the Hubs. This will let us talk about the Hubs and other community bike spaces, while making sure that each Hub keeps its own local flavour.