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There are better ways of getting to and from work than driving solo through Auckland’s congested traffic.

Public transport

Leave your car at home and use public transport to get to and from work.


Give your employees flexibility, cut costs and increase productivity.

Cycling to work

Help introduce cycling to your staff with training courses, trial bike hire and bike repair workshops.

Walking to work

Walking to and from work is an easy way to increase health and wellbeing, and save money.

Travel planning

Manage everyone’s commuting needs by creating a travel plan for your workplace.


Find and share rides with other people who travel to and from the same places.


cityhop provides cars for rent by the hour, day, or week.

Pukekohe on the move

As Pukekohe grows, extra pressure will be placed on the roads, particularly in our town centre. Find out how you can make Pukekohe an even greater place to live.


It’s a smart decision to encourage your employees to leave their cars at home and switch to commuting by train, ferry, walking, cycling or public transport.

Benefits for your business and your employees include:

  • Less demand for parking and lower parking costs
  • Healthier, less stressed staff
  • Higher productivity and staff engagement
  • Less road congestion and fewer delays to business vehicle trips

For more information about the Commute Programme and Community Transport, please read our latest evaluation report (PDF 4.01 MB)