Carpool car park lease Carpool car park lease

Carpoolers can now get  discounted parking at the Downtown and Victoria Street car parks.

Receive a 10% discount off the existing reserved unallocated parking rate at the Downtown and Victoria Street car parks.

If you're interested in leasing a car park space for your carpool, simply fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you.

Please note: You need to carpool with a minimum of 2 other people to apply for this lease.

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Using the carpool car park spaces

Only 1 person may hold a lease at any time; a minimum of 3 registrations are needed per lease agreement.

Entry and exit of the car park is by access card through the designated card-holder’s lane. This is clearly sign-posted. If the access card is not used then normal tariffs apply – no exceptions.

All vehicles used in the scheme (minimum of 3 carpoolers, including driver in 1 car) must have their registration number lodged with AT and display an authorised window label.

Parking space locations

  • Downtown car parkThe designated carpooling spaces are located next to the stairs and lifts on levels 2-6
  • Victoria St car park - The designated carpooling spaces are located on level 6

It is important that you park in your dedicated space as it has been especially set aside for your carpool. Failure to park in the designated space may mean your vehicle is towed at your expense. AT will also terminate the lease agreement.

AT will carry out ‘spot checks’ on a regular basis to ensure that people who have leased a carpool space are actually carpooling. If it's discovered that they're solo drivers, the carpool space lease agreement may be terminated after sufficient notification has been undertaken with the lease holder(s).

Only 1 access card will be issued per lease. New and replacement access cards are supplied at the leaseholders expense (fair wear and tear).


All monthly payments will be by direct debit and under Auckland Transport's standard terms and conditions.

Making changes

If 1 of your carpool partners leaves the carpool, you have a month’s grace in order to find new carpool partners. If after 1 month you haven't formed a new carpool, you must relinquish your carpool lease space.

AT must be notified at least 1 week before any participating vehicle changes and the new registration number must be supplied.

For more information

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