Residential parking zones Residential parking zones

A residential parking zone is an area where eligible residents and businesses can apply for parking permits and coupons that give an exemption from parking restrictions.

Your vehicle is subject to parking restrictions and enforcement within the residential parking area unless you have a valid parking permit or coupon. 

Residential parking zone permits and coupons do not guarantee holders a parking space in their street.

Permits and coupons

All permits and coupons are digital.

Apply or renew

Apply for or renew permits or coupon allocation.


  • The permit fee is $70 per vehicle, valid for 1 year, or part thereof, based on the annual cycle date.
  • The $70 charge is a flat-rate fee, and not a charge based on monthly parking.
  • The full permit fee is charged regardless of when the application is applied for during the annual cycle.
  • Residential properties can apply for as many permits as there are vehicles registered to the address.
  • Eligible businesses can apply for 1 parking permit.
  • The number of permits is capped; some or all permits may be granted, depending on availability.

1 day coupons

  • Residential properties can apply to receive an annual allocation of 50 free coupons and then can purchase additional coupons for $5 each.
  • Eligible businesses can apply for an annual allocation of coupons, which cost $5 each when activated.
  • When the allocation of coupons is granted, you then need to activate each coupon for the day and vehicle license plate number required.
  • How to use 1 day resident parking coupons

Residential parking zone locations

See maps and a list of streets in residential parking zone locations.

Annual cycle dates

  • Each residential parking zone operates on a set annual cycle renewal date.
  • Permits and coupon allocations must be renewed each cycle year.
  • Permits are valid for 1 year, or part thereof, until the annual cycle date.
  • Coupon allocations are valid for 1 year, or part thereof, until the annual cycle date.


Annual cycle date

Applications are open unless stated otherwise

Arch Hill

7 December

Eden Terrace

31 October

  • Permit applications are closed.
  • Coupon applications are open.
  • We are not accepting permit applications because the Eden Terrace permit cap has been reached.
  • Permit applications will open approximately four weeks before the annual cycle date.

Freemans Bay

14 November


16 July

Grey Lynn

7 December

Herne Bay

27 April

Mount Eden

3 October

Mount Eden Central

14 December 2020


17 August


1 February

Parnell Central

18 March

Parnell East

1 July

Parnell South

6 May

  • Permit applications are closed.
  • Coupon applications are open.
  • We are not accepting permit applications because the Parnell South permit cap has been reached.
  • Permit applications will open approximately four weeks before the annual cycle date.

19 June

Ponsonby Extension

27 April 2022 to 18 June 2023

(After this cycle Ponsonby Extension will have the same cycle dates as the Ponsonby Residential Parking Zone)


17 August

St Marys Bay

19 September


8 June

Proof of residence required

Proof of residence is required for all permit and coupon applications.

Documents that are accepted as proof of residence are:

  • Generated bill dated within the last two months, eg power or internet bill.
  • Electoral roll letter less than 3 months old.
  • The recent tenancy agreement clearly shows your name and full address.

Documents that are not accepted are:

  • Water or rates bills are not accepted as they confirm ownership, not residency.
  • Bank statements or documents.
  • Property documents, such as Title papers and Sales and Purchase agreement.


Permits and coupons are for residents and businesses within a residential parking zone.

New housing developments

  • New developments and homes built after the notification of the Auckland Unitary Plan (30 September 2013) are not eligible for parking permits.
  • This is to protect the sustainability of the parking schemes and stop developers from passing on the costs of providing parking to ratepayers. Developers and new home builders have a responsibility to ensure they have sufficient off-street parking to meet their needs.

Allocation and caps

To ensure parking spaces are available, the number of permits issued is capped at 85% of the total number of spaces in the zone.

Permits are allocated 1 at a time in rounds based on a priority system. If you are a resident applying for multiple permits, you will only be able to receive 1 permit in each allocation round.

The allocation process stops once the permit cap is reached or when all applicants have received a permit.

Groups in order of issuing priority (1 = high, 6 = low):

  1. House on a single title without off-street parking or an apartment building built before 1944 without off-street parking.
  2. House on a single title with 1 off-street parking space.
  3. All other houses or townhouses.
  4. Apartments.
  5. Community groups, schools, education providers.
  6. Businesses located within the parking zone.

Terms & conditions

  1. The annual permit or daily coupon may only be used in the parking place that is defined as part of the residential parking zone and is not an authorised vehicle for the purpose of any other authorised vehicle parking place on the Auckland Transport system.
  2. The annual permit and daily coupon exempt the vehicle from the parking restrictions operating within the signed boundary of the residential parking zone.
  3. Vehicles parked on the road without a valid parking permit and which exceed the permitted maximum time of parking, without moving while the residential parking zone is in operation, may receive an infringement notice.
  4. The parking scheme operates on a "first-in, first-served" basis and does not guarantee the availability of any parking space.
  5. The permit does not exempt the driver from parking laws or general parking restrictions imposed by the Road user Rule (for example, no parking over a driveway, no parking within 6m of an intersection) or the Auckland Transport Traffic Bylaw 2012.
  6. The permit does not apply to any prohibited or no-stopping areas such as bus stops, taxi stands, mobility parking bays, clearways or where there are broken yellow lines. This also applies to any other timed parking restrictions within the residential parking zone.
  7. An authorised vehicle for an annual permit must not be a trailer, boat, caravan, truck, bus or tractor.
  8. An authorised vehicle for a daily permit must be a passenger or commercial vehicle under 3 tonnes.
  9. The permit is not transferable to another vehicle without the prior agreement and approval of Auckland Transport.
  10. Auckland Transport must be notified by the permit holder when they cease to reside at the address given in the corresponding permit application.
  11. The permit is for personal use and will be revoked if the permit is directly or indirectly used for commercial purposes.
  12. Auckland Transport reserves the right to revoke this permit / daily permit at any time and without reason.


Resident parking permits and coupons are digital and are managed in an online system.

There are no paper permits or coupons to display in your vehicle.

Our parking officers use the vehicle licence plate number to check that the vehicle has a valid parking permit or coupon for the area it is parked.


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