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Auckland Transport

Pay & display parking

Pay and display (metered) parking is available on streets and in some car parks where demand for parking spaces is high or a limited number of places are available. Paid parking helps ensure there is fair turn-around of spaces.

You can pay for parking using AT Park in most pay and display areas.  Find out more about AT Park.

Report a problem with a pay and display machine

On-street parking

On-street parking is pay and display. Always check the nearest pay and display machine for parking rates and times of operation.

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Open-air car parks

Auckland Transport (AT) provides open-air pay and display parking at these locations:

Open-air car park locations Operating hours Tariffs (incl. GST)  
Alderman Drive
8-19 Alderman Drive, Henderson
  • Monday - Thursday and Saturday 6am - 6pm.
  • Friday 6am - 9pm.
 Minimum $4.
Anzac Street
40 Anzac Street, Takapuna
  •  Monday - Sunday 8am - 8pm.
*The car park is closed on Sundays 2am - 12pm when the Sunday Market is operating.
Find out more about Anzac Street tariffs.
Channel View Road
12 Channel View Road, North
  • Monday - Saturday from 8am - 6pm.
$0.50 minimum - $1 per hour until 6pm.
Corbans Hill
430 Great North Road
  • Monday - Thursday and Saturday 6am - 6pm.
  • Friday 6am - 9pm.
 Minimum $4.
Falls car park
14 Edmonton Road, Henderson
  • Monday - Thursday and Saturday 6am - 6pm.
  • Friday 6am - 9pm.
 Minimum $4.
Garfield Street
112 Parnell Road, CBD (outside Garfield street car park)
  • Monday - Saturday from 8am - 6pm.
$2 per hour, maximum 60 minutes.
Greys Ave 
(outside Auckland Council Civic Building)
  • Authorised vehicles only 6am - 6pm Monday to Friday.
  • Public parking evenings and weekends only.

Find out more about Greys Ave tariffs.

Manukau Station Road
50 Manukau Station Road
  • Available 4am - 6pm any day.
Find out more about Manukau Station Road tariffs.
Matiatia car park
6 & 10 Ocean View Road, Waiheke Island
  Find out more about Matiatia car park tariffs.
Ngaoho Place, Parnell
7 Ngaoho Place (extension), Parnell
  • 7 days, 24 hours.
6am - 6pm: $10 flat rate pay until 5pm.
5pm - 6am: $15 flat rate pay until 6am.
Railway station, Beach Road
(Opposite Tai Ping Supermarket)
  • 7 days, 24 hours.
6am - 6pm: $10 daily flat rate.
6pm - 6am: $15 flat rate for evenings.
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: $15 flat fee from 6am - 6am the following day.
Sale Street
121 Sale Street, CBD
  • Monday - Saturday from 8am - 6pm.
Monday - Friday: $2 per hour.
Saturday 8am - 6pm: $1 per hour.
Sunday and public holidays: Free.
Sandspit car park
1451 Sandspit Road, North
  • Saturday to Thursday 7am - 4:30pm.
  • Friday 7am - 7pm.
Find out more about Sandspit car park tariffs.
Symonds Street
226-228 Symonds Street, Grafton
  • Monday - Saturday 8am - 6pm: $2 per hour.
  • Evening rate 6pm - 8am: $5 flat rate.
  • Sunday and public holidays: Free.


The Strand
Corner of The Strand and St Georges Bay Rd Parnell (opposite Saatchi & Saatchi)
  • 7 days, 24 hours .
Reserved: Monday to Friday 6am - 6pm.
No charge outside these hours.
Upper Queen Street
(opposite Cross Street)
  • 7 days, 6am - 8pm.
NB: There is a 2 metre height restriction at this car park.
Find out more about Upper Queen Street car park tariffs.

West Park Marina
18 Clearwater Cove, West Harbour
  • Monday - Sunday including public holidays.
  • Maxiumum stay 15 days.


 Minimum fee $5 for 24 hours.

AT does not allow the sale of any goods or distribution in our car parks, unless it is part of a licensed market activity during the market's operating hours.

How to pay

All machines accept New Zealand coins, except where units have been vandalised beyond repair and the cash function may have been removed. Credit cards and TXT-a-Park payment options have been introduced on some machines. There is a 50-cent fee for credit card or TXT-a-Park transactions.

Payment instructions are clearly marked on each machine. If the machine is faulty, you must still display a valid receipt, so obtain your ticket from another machine.

Paying with credit card

Instructions for use

  1. Press the 'Time Select' button.
  2. The screen will indicate either of these messages:
    • Insert the card into the machine and pull it out. (The black stripe on the card must be on the left-hand side. If nothing happens, turn card around and try again. If the machine is still unable to be used, report a fault with the card reader.)
    • Credit Card payment unavailable.
  3. Once the credit card has been inserted and removed, the screen will indicate the minimum payment and time. If the screen does not change when the card is inserted and removed, reinsert the card with the stripe the other way.
  4. Press the 'Time Select' button to increase the amount of the dollar value if more time is required. This is in increments of $1 or $2, depending on the tariff.
  5. When the desired value of the transaction or the maximum payment is reached, press the 'OK' button to complete the transaction.
  6. The machine will print the receipt and complete the transaction.

The process can be halted at any time prior to the 'OK' button being pressed, by pressing the 'cancel' button.

The screen provides instructions for each step once the 'Time Select' button is first pressed.


All credit card transactions incur a 50-cent fee (including GST) in addition to the cost of the parking. This is charged by the service provider (not Auckland Transport) for processing the payment.

TXT-a-Park payments

TXT-a-Park allows customers to pay for parking at some pay and display machines via their mobile phone.

Networks using TXT-a-Park

  • Current networks that offer TXT-a-Park are Vodafone and Spark.

Instructions for use

  1. Press the TXT-a-Park button on the machine, it will show the cost and codes for the length of time they want to park.
  2. Text the machine number and code number for the preferred choice of parking time to 7275.

Machine number shown in different places depending on the machine type

  1. When the text goes through, the machine will beep for a prompt to press the OK button or press Cancel to stop the transaction.
  2. The machine will then print a ticket for displaying on the dashboard and a confirmation text will be sent.


All TXT-a-Park transactions incur a 50-cent fee (including GST) in addition to the cost of the parking. This is charged by the service provider (not Auckland Transport) for processing the payment. 

Pay and display rules

If you are parked in a pay and display area:

  • By law, any vehicle parked in a pay & display area must display a parking receipt during the pay & display's hours of operation;
  • The parking receipt must be clearly displayed on your dashboard, face-up with the receipted time showing. If it cannot be seen, or is allowed to slip off the dashboard, an infringement notice may be issued;
  • You cannot return to continually purchase receipts;
  • After the maximum authorised time (if time limit applies) you must move your vehicle;
  • If the maximum time allowed (shown on the pay & display exterior), or your receipt time is exceeded, an infringement notice may be issued;
  • Motorcyclists must display their ticket so that it's legible at all times (e.g. you could attach it to the handle-bar using a rubber band);

Please note: Some privately-operated car parks also have pay & display machines. These are not managed by Auckland Transport.

When pay and display machines operate

All machines clearly state the hours they are operational and it is best to check on the machine you are using. The table below gives a quick guide for some of the machines:

Area Hours of Operation

Parking buildings

During all operational hours of the parking building

Open air car parks

24 hours, 7 days a week

Central Business District (CBD)

From 8am - 10pm, 7 days a week

(including weekends and public holidays)

Throughout Auckland

Most operate from 8am to 6pm

Monday - Saturday (excluding public holidays) unless otherwise stated on the machine

For more information or assistance

Contact Auckland Transport