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Mangere Bridge Mangere Bridge

Auckland Transport (AT) is working alongside communities in Māngere Bridge to make changes to roads outside Māngere Bridge Village area and around the neighbouring schools in order to improve accessibility and safety for pedestrians.

Project status: Consultation - feedback closed 14 December 2018
Project zone: South

We have consulted with the Māngere Bridge community on a safer communities proposal twice in the past year to ensure pedestrian improvements are designed in partnership with the community. The two prior phases of consultation have helped us to develop detailed designs incorporating this feedback. We now have a third and final phase of consultation and request your feedback on the refined changes.

Mangere Bridge Village view 4
Caption: Artists impression of improvements to Māngere Bridge village.

Project overview

The aim of the project is to improve safety for pedestrians and help ensure walking is a desirable option for people. Pedestrian surveys have backed the need for improvements to be made given the high numbers of people including school children walking on these roads.

80% of all road deaths and serious injuries occur on 50km/h local urban roads. Nearly half of those deaths and injuries involve vulnerable road users – children, the elderly, people walking and people on bikes or motorcycles. We are committed to making the roads safer for vulnerable users and these changes will help improve safety for the many pedestrians including school children walking these routes.

The roads we are proposing improvements to include Coronation Road, Wallace Road, Church Road, and Mountain Road.

Planned improvements

  • New raised pedestrian crossings surrounding both roundabouts on Coronation Road in Māngere Bridge Village.
  • New raised pedestrian crossings and ‘slow’ road markings on Church Road, Wallace Road, and Swanson Road.
  • New crossing facilities near the local shops and bus stops on Wallace Road.
  • Install a roundabout at the Miller/Mountain intersection and add new raised pedestrian crossings.
  • Install a roundabout at the Taylor/Woodward intersection.
  • Upgrade existing pedestrian crossings around the schools to be raised crossings.
  • Focus areas are around Waterlea Primary School, Māngere Bridge School, Auckland Seventh-day Adventist School and Mountain View School (see the plans below for more information on crossing locations).
  • Remove 116 on-street carparks to enable the pedestrian improvements and ‘slow’ road markings which will help improve vehicle speeds. Proposed carpark removal locations are spread over a wide area and will mostly occur near intersections and the new roundabout locations.
  • New pedestrian crossings and coloured surface treatments to the service lanes behind Māngere Bridge Village shops to encourage drivers to slow down.

Consultation supporting material

Public consultation

We would asked for your feedback on these proposed changes.

Local knowledge is very important to us and public feedback helps to ensure the best outcome for those who live, work, shop and play in the area.

Public feedback closed Friday 14 December 2018.

Next steps

We will analyse all of the feedback and use it to help refine the proposal. Your local insights will help us make an informed decision to make your streets safer for everyone.

We will prepare a report on the feedback received and any changes made to the proposal, which will be published online. If you provided your contact details when giving us feedback, we will notify you when the report is available.

Previous consultations

Outcome of the 2018 consultation

This phase of consultation on the Māngere Bridge Safer Communities proposal took place from 12 June to 1 July 2018, and we received public feedback from 106 submitters.

The major theme in the feedback across all five areas for this proposal is one of general support for the proposed improvements to make walking safer and easier around Māngere Bridge and the Village.

Your suggestions have been summarised and tabled for consideration as AT investigates more detailed designs. We also responded to your questions and issues raised in this phase of feedback in the final section of this report.

A third phase of consultation will commence from November 2018, seeking your feedback on formal improvement designs based on the ideas and suggestions from your feedback on this proposal.

Download the Māngere Bridge public feedback report (PDF 1.9MB, 54 pages)

Outcome of the 2017 consultation 

Your feedback provided us with some strong areas of focus to help make Māngere Bridge safer for walking. We have taken your feedback on board and used it to make a draft plan of where we could build improvements to make the most difference with the budget that we have for this programme of work.

The key areas that we have identified are:

  • Māngere Bridge Village area (including Swanson Road and the service lane section in front of the Library and Swanson Park).
  • Māngere Bridge School and surrounding roads.
  • Mountain View School and Auckland Seventh-day Adventist School zone and surrounding roads
  • Church Road.
  • Wallace Road (including Waterlea Primary School and its surrounding roads).

From your feedback, we identified the following key themes:

  • Locations you identified where pedestrian crossings are needed (58 responses) as there is currently no safe place to cross.
  • Traffic speed (44 responses) on certain streets – residential and arterial - puts some people off walking, and puts pedestrians at risk.
  • Places where the footpath is too narrow and makes walking difficult and for footpath users to pass each other safely and comfortably (27 responses).
  • Locations where footpaths are uneven or in need of repairs/maintenance (24 responses).
  • Lack of sufficient lighting to feel safe (19 responses) was highlighted as an issue.
  • Visibility was a highlighted as a concern at specific locations where it is difficult for drivers to see pedestrians and vice versa (19 responses).
  • No footpath exists (18 responses).
  • Traffic volume (14 responses) make some streets uninviting to walk
  • Existing crossings unsafe or inadequate in some way/ not as safe to use as they should be (13 responses).
  • Improving access for differently abled people within the community to move around (11 responses). Of particular concern was uneven surfaces and lack of ramps on kerbs at intersections.

Download the Māngere Bridge public feedback report (PDF 1.8MB, 45 pages).